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Beautiful photo books with collages full of memories and full-page photos that show off your favorite moments. Automatically designed for you by Journi, so that you need only personalize it!

  • Premium, 170g paper & matt print
  • Up to 1,200 photos
  • Up to 300 pages

Size & Shape

Landscape M (21 x 15 cm)

Cover Type


Timelines Designed For You In Seconds

Journi’s algorithm lays out the photos for you, so you don’t have to!

Maps created for you

Journi reminds you of the places where you have been with the photos and the right pins on beautiful maps.

Low Impact

We care about the planet! That’s why we plant a tree for every order you make on Journi.

Quality Assured

Our photo albums use the latest printing technology & are quality checked before delivery.

1 Million Happy Customers

Over 1 million people have trusted us with printing their memories.
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For Every Occasion

Photo Albums For Every Occasion

Memories come back to life when you can hold them in your hands, show off the best moments to your friends, and tell the stories to your family.  That’s why, even in the age of computers and smartphones, photo books are more popular than ever.

No matter whether you want to make photo books online or use the Journi Print photo book app, we’re here for you.

The possibilities are literally endless.  You could: make a photo scrapbook of the kids growing up
 or photo books for all the trips and vacations you’ve captured on your phone
 or a photo album of your time at university
 or a photobook of your favorite memories of the past year
 or create a photo album of your wedding day
 or make a scrapbook album of your baby’s first year… 

People use Journi to make photo albums for all sorts of reasons, both for themselves and as presents for others.  Whomever you’re gifting a photobook to, they’re going to be in for a treat.

Journi Photo books all sizes
Journi Photo book in hands

Create Photo Books In Minutes

Looking for a quick and easy way to print your memories?  Then you need the Journi Print photo book app. Create photobooks like a pro with nothing more than your phone.

Choose the photos you want to use in your photo album, either directly from your phone, or from those saved on Facebook, Instagram or Google Photos.  Then the Journi photobook app works its magic and lays out as many as 1,200 photos for you in less than 55 seconds!

You can then immediately scroll through the draft design, complete with auto-generated maps of your adventures, and start editing and personalizing it.  Add notes for your memories, shuffle the order of the photos, and design the front cover. And hey presto! Before you know it, you’ve made an amazing, unique photo album in minutes!

Your Story As A Timeline

Journi automatically lays out the photos of your photobook chronologically for you, creating a timeline of beautiful collages and full page images that tells your story the way it was supposed to be told …but without all the hard work of finding the best way of arranging the pictures!  You can then add notes to your photo album, highlighting your best memories. Making a photo scrapbook really is that easy!

Journi Photo book closed

It Couldn’t Be Easier

Let Journi do all the hard work for you.  Not only does Journi’s algorithm layout the photos, but it also automatically adds the dates for your timeline and automatically creates maps of where you’ve been.  A Journi photo book can tell your story for you!

Plus, the app is capable of working with your phone’s speech-to-text function, making it even quicker and simpler to add notes of your memories throughout your photobook!

Quality Photo Albums, Made With Love

Journi photobooks are made using the latest printing technology, ensuring that you can enjoy beautiful photos that cover the pages from edge to edge without having to worry about whether anything is going to be cropped out …because we don’t crop your photos!

Once the photos have been printed on thick, premium quality paper, each book is inspected by hand before it is shipped to you.

So much Love!

I’ve used all sorts of companies in my search for the best photo books. Now I only create photo books with Journi. I think that says everything.
I just made my first photo album using Journi’s photobook app and loved it - both the app and the photo album. A great app that saves me literally days every year!
My photo scrapbook of the kids was easy to make with Journi’s photo book app and promptly delivered. I’ve already ordered a copy of that one for my parents, and have created another photo book for last summer’s vacation!