Easy Photo Journals & Photo Books

Treasure your memories with the Journi Blog and Journi Print apps.

Print your memories with Journi Print, the world’s quickest and easiest photo-printing app. Design beautiful photo books and calendars in moments with the help of Artificial Intelligence or order Polaroid Prints to hang on your walls!

Remember life’s moments with Journi Blog, the photo journaling app that makes your memories last forever. Record your experiences as beautiful maps and timelines, then print them as photo books that you can show off to friends and family.

Your Life, Your Photo Journals

Capture the great moments and stories of your life with Journi Blog. Whether you’re recording a photo album of your kids, blogging your vacations and travels, or keeping a personal diary: Journi automatically turns your story into timelines, maps and photo books, storing your memories in a safe and reliable place. You can edit and share them with friends and family along the way, and even turn those treasured memories into beautiful photo books with a single click.

Life is better shared

Create your photo journals with the people you’re traveling with - live the moments together, share the photos together! Upload your photos to a shared Journi for the best memories to look back on, and to create the ultimate photo book!

Private Moments and Public Stories

With full privacy control, you decide who sees your stories, meaning you can either:

  • Create a private travel journal to record memories of your trips, just for you
  • Share your adventures with a select group of friends and family
  • Or create a public travel journal for the whole world to see

Bring your journey to life with a map!

By geolocating your photos, Journi produces maps to help you and your friends track your trips.

Sync your Journis across your devices

Syncing ensures access to Journi no matter what device you’re using - whether iOS or Android, phone, tablet, Apple watch or computer, we’ve got you covered! What’s more, you can keep your treasured stories safe by backing them up to Google Drive and Dropbox.

Get your story printed

Tell everyone how your adventure unfolded with Journi’s range of personalized print products. Turn your blog into a unique photo book or photo calendar in moments, or order genuine Polaroid prints to tell your story in iconic style.

Photo Books Automatically Designed for You

Journi Print is like hiring a designer - our smart algorithm finds the best layouts for 500+ photos in approx. 30 seconds. Journi considers the chronology, quality and size of the photos to arrange them in the most beautiful and space-saving way possible - without cropping a single one! Create your photo book today, because you already did the hard work when you took the photos!

Collages, Maps & Effortless Editing

  • Automatic photo collages generated by our AI
    Don’t limit yourself to a single photo per page!
  • Don’t lose your head!
    With Journi, your images are re-sized rather than cropped.
  • Make it your own with effortless editing
    This is your story, so tell it the way you want to!
  • By geolocating your photos, Journi produces maps to help you and your friends track your trips.

Easily Add Photos From Anywhere

Import your photos from your phone, Facebook, Instagram, or iCloud and our smart algorithm will process 500 photos in under 30 seconds, automatically finding the perfect layout for your photo book. (Desktop and Google Photos coming soon)

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