Travel Blogging rediscovered.

journi is the easiest way to record your trips offline and on the go. It even lets you keep your friends in the loop without extra effort. And it’s free.

or follow a journi of other travellers:

journi is your offline travel journal

  • Add pictures and take notes
  • Mark where youve been
  • Invite friends and family
  • Send automatic updates

Using journi is effortless

Automatically track your trips on the go - even offline. Just take pictures and notes, journi does the rest.

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Using journi means traveling together:

Build your journi together with friends by posting moments into a shared timeline.

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Using journi is social:

Keep friends and family automatically updated. They can follow your "journi" in real time via web, app and email.

Using journi means sharing with full privacy control:

  • Inspirational journal for everyone on journi
  • Private journal for you and invited friends

Using journi means simple communication:

Pick one out 10 extraordinary smileys and say something like

Using journi means to remember:

Never forget where you have been and find out where friends have traveled

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