Wedding Photo Albums

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Beautiful photo books with collages full of memories and full-page photos that show off your favorite moments. Automatically designed for you by Journi, so that you need only personalize it!

  • Premium 170g paper, matt or glossy finish
  • Up to 1,200 photos
  • Up to 350 pages
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Beautiful Collages

Journi automatically lays out the photos for you in beautiful, full-page collages

Easily Personalized

Create a unique wedding album specific to you

Zero Cropping

Show off your wedding photos in all their beauty, free of templates which crop images to fit them

Quality Wedding Book Guarantee

Our wedding albums use the latest printing technology & are quality checked before delivery

2 Million Happy Users

Over 2 million people have trusted us with their memories.

A Collection of Beautiful Memories

Why limit yourself to a single image per page, or to rigid 2x2 collages for your wedding photo book that don’t make the most of the space available? Journi’s algorithm processes and lays out up to 1,200 photos in under 55 seconds for you. In that time, it automatically creates beautiful collages that creatively fill the whole page, showing off your wedding memories to their fullest. Complete your wedding album by adding notes of your memories from your special day.

Travel Photo Book
Wedding Photo Book

Easily Personalized

It’s super simple to customize and make a wedding book unique to you and your day. Whether making a soft or a hard cover wedding photo album, you can with the touch of a button set your cover image and title, font colours and sizes, and collage layouts. What’s more, you can use speech-to-text to save time! It couldn’t be easier to create wedding photo books that are made specifically for you!

Zero Cropping!

We keep your memories the way they should be - fully visible! We use the latest printing technology to ensure that you see the whole of your photos, whether they cover a full page of your wedding photo book, or are part of a beautiful collage, we won’t crop your photos. Who wants a group photo where half of the heads are missing? Or a wedding book front cover in which the groom’s arm is cut off?

Wedding Photo Book

Quality Wedding Photo Albums

Journi stands for top quality photo books, because that’s what our memories deserve! In addition to using the very latest printing methods & technology to ensure our wedding photo albums are the best they can possibly be, each Journi wedding book is meticulously inspected against strict Quality Assurance standards before it is delivered to your door.

Wedding Days and Journi Print Go Hand-in-Hand

The first thing a married couple does when asked about their wedding day is to reach for their wedding photo album. With their wedding book full of memories in hand, they then happily show off the highlights of their special day and lovingly recount their stories behind it. A wedding album from Journi is one that brings these memories to life in a way that makes your wedding album become one of your most cherished possessions.

So much Love!

I was worried about using an app for something as important as my wedding album. But the automatic collages it creates, covering the whole of each page without cropping are perfect. Thanks Journi! I love it!
My wedding photo book was quick and easy to make, and yet it has a premium feel to it thanks to the hard cover, the quality paper and the top quality printing - the pictures look great! And zero cropping - everything as it should be!
I’ve made two Journi photo books. First was a wedding album, and I was so pleased with it that I made a travel photo book for the honeymoon! A quality app making quality products!