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Beautiful photo books with collages full of memories and full-page photos that show off your favorite moments. Automatically designed for you by Journi, so that you need only personalize it!

  • Premium 170g paper, matt or glossy finish
  • Up to 1,200 photos
  • Up to 350 pages
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Auto-Generated Maps

A travel photo album that shows off where you’ve been and your experiences

Flights & Passport Stamps

A fun way to track your travels

Quality Assured

Our travel albums use the latest printing technology & are quality checked before delivery

Timelines Designed For You In Seconds

Journi’s algorithm lays out the photos for you, so you don’t have to!

2 Million Happy Users

Over 2 million people have trusted us with their memories.
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Journi Books Are Travel Photo Books

We’re not called Journi by coincidence - we have travel photo albums in our DNA! Telling stories of our adventures is how Journi began, and that’s why our vacation photo albums are unrivalled.


Auto-Generated Maps

Through technical wizardry, the Journi Print app automatically creates maps of your adventures for your travel photo album, showing off your route and the places you’ve explored. Tell your story to friends and family so clearly they’ll think they were there, whether it’s with a honeymoon photo album, a family vacation photo book, or a 6 month travel album.

Flights & Passport Stamps

When creating a vacation travel album for a tour of different states and countries, or a travel photo book covering many months and national borders, Journi adds stickers for the flights you’ve taken and collects passport stamps for all the countries you’ve visited. So your travel photo album can even tell the story of your adventure for you!


Zero Cropping

You wouldn’t want your once-in-a-lifetime memories to be cropped, would you? You can’t risk that the kangaroo’s head will be missing from the front cover of your Tour of Australia album! That’s why we only use the latest photo book printing technology, in order to ensure that your photos aren’t cropped and that the colours come out as expected.

Quality Photo Books

Journi stands for top quality travel photo books, because that’s what our memories deserve! Each Journi product is meticulously inspected against strict Quality Assurance standards before it leaves the production site to be delivered straight to your door.

So much Love!

I love, love, love my travel photo book from Journi. I didn’t realise it would create these maps when I downloaded the app, but they’re fantastic! The perfect travel album for my journey around South Africa!
The Journi photobook app is so quick & easy to use that I make travel photo albums of my trips whilst at the airport waiting for my flight home. The maps are super useful for when telling friends and family about my adventures.
I just got my travel photobook from Journi and it’s great! I just wish I had used more photos - I only wanted to see what the quality would be like, and so didn’t want to create a massive photo book for my first order. I’ll for sure make photo books again with Journi 👍