Family Photo Albums

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Beautiful photo books with collages full of memories and full-page photos that show off your favorite moments. Automatically designed for you by Journi, so that you need only personalize it!

  • Premium 170g paper, matt or glossy finish
  • Up to 1,200 photos
  • Up to 350 pages
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A Timeline of Family Highlights

Journi automatically lays out your photos chronologically for you, creating a timeline of beautiful collages and full page images that tells your story, whether it’s for a family year book, a kids photo album, or a mish mash of everything. You can then add notes to your family pictures book, highlighting your favourite moments. Making a family photo book is really that easy!


Ready in Minutes!

It can be difficult to find the time and energy to create a family photo book in between ferrying the kids to school and picking them up from soccer practice and so on. And that’s why you need the Journi Print app. In less than 55 seconds, it will process and arrange up to 1,200 photos for you, creating beautiful collages and full-page images. By doing the hard work of laying out the photos for you, you can create family albums in minutes, meaning you have the time to make family photobooks whenever, wherever!

Easy to Personalize

Journi’s family albums are easy peasy to customize and make unique to you and your family. Whether you’re making a soft- or hard-cover family book, setting your cover image and title, font colours and sizes, collage layouts is simply done! What’s more, you can use speech input to save time whilst adding your texts! It couldn’t be easier to make family photo albums full of special memories!


So much Love!

Couldn’t believe it was so fast and easy. I only get a few moments peace and quiet after putting the kids to bed, and yet that’s all I needed to make a family photo book! Definitely going to order more!
As a mother of 3, I need things to work quickly and easily. Journi Print ticks both those boxes, and produce great quality photo books of my family. Easy to recommend!
I used to set aside the whole Christmas period to create a family year book ...then I discovered Journi. Now that it takes just a few minutes to create a photo book, I make them any time I want!