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Whether you’re a mother creating a family photo book of your kids, or you’re a well-traveled adventurer looking to make a photo album of your last trip, you most likely don’t want it to have a negative impact on the environment. Well, the good news is: with Journi, it doesn’t!

Like you, we also like to travel the world and spend time with our families. Which is why we wanted to make sure that Journi photo books have minimal impact on the environment, so that future generations also have a beautiful world in which to explore and make beautiful memories. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to ensure that our photo books are produced with minimal impact on the world.

Journi Photo books all sizes
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    One planted tree for every order & Support of sustainability academies
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    Sustainable packaging using 100% recycled cardboard and 0% plastic
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    FSC certified paper, produced out of responsibly managed forests
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    Production in Germany with guaranteed fair working conditions and fair salaries

Plastic-Free Packaging!

Had enough of seeing whales, dolphins and seals being trapped in plastic, or even swallowing it? Us, too! That’s why Journi photo books are delivered in packaging made from recycled cardboard. This stuff is hard-as-nails, so it will keep your book safe and sound (and is much better for our animal friends and the environment!)

Buy A Book, Plant A Tree

Not only do we use paper from sustainably managed forests, but we also support reforestation efforts around the world. This means that for every photo book you order from Journi, we will plant a tree as part of our partner NGO’s various reforestation efforts. Your Journi photo book is therefore not simply carbon neutral - it actually helps to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere and helps recover the animal kingdom’s lost habitats!

Partner Organisation Plant for the Planet

Sustainably Sourced Paper

The high quality paper in our photo books comes only from forests that have been FSC certified. That means that the forests are sustainably managed. Maybe this paper is a little more expensive than it would be from elsewhere, but we think that that’s a price worth paying in order to avoid being part of mass deforestation and its consequences.

The forests are also close to our production facilities because, well, it just makes ecological sense!

Printing locally at Schaetzl

Produced Locally

Whether you’re in North America or in Europe, we work with production partners located where you are. The people working there are paid fairly, and the photo albums they create only have to travel half-way across the continent, rather than half-way across the world.

So if you want to treasure your memories without fear of its environmental impacts, then you can trust Journi’s sustainable photo books. By using Journi, you’ll be supporting an environmentally friendly company that is always looking to ensure minimal impact on the world.