🥇 Journi • Print Great Memories in Seconds
    🥇 Journi • Print Great Memories in Seconds

    Retro Prints in Polaroid™️ Format with Box

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    Wish you could order retro prints with the original Polaroid format straight from your phone? Well, now you can! Print your favorite memories with the vintage look and feel of Polaroid photos, personalized in seconds and delivered straight to your door!

    Polaroid Classic Border Logo™️: 88x105mm
    220 g high-quality, FSC-certified paper
    Beautiful and clean design made with love
    Ready for dispatch in 2-4 working daysIncluding production time. FREE tracked shipping for orders above $35.00

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    Original Polaroid-Frame Format

    As Polaroid's official partner, you're getting the original Polaroid picture format.

    Digital Prints, Vintage Style

    Get the original Polaroid picture frame with an iconic look & feel.

    A Perfect Gift

    Each pack of Retro prints in Polaroid™️ format comes in a beautiful gift box

    6 Million Happy Users

    Over 6 million people have trusted us with their memories.

    Premium Quality

    The photos with the original Polaroid frame are printed on premium quality paper

    Vintage Prints with Polaroid Frame

    Get the original Polaroid Picture Frame on high-quality digital printed photo paper, produced under the official Polaroid license to deliver you the best experience.

    That means our retro photo prints are printed on thick, premium quality card stock that looks and feels the business. They come with the white Polaroid frame around the edge and the black background on the back that, combined with the high standard of Polaroid, make the colors really pop!

    Turn Your Phone Into a Retro Prints Camera!

    We've teamed up with Polaroid to be their official partner for printing retro prints with the original Polaroid frame. So simply select Vintage Prints, choose your favorite photos from your phone and hit the print button. And we will send your box full off great retro prints straight to your door!

    Personalize Your Retro Prints

    Memories are personal, so why shouldn't your retro pics be? Whichever photos you're turning into vintage prints, you can add a cool comment on the bottom for your memories. Set the color of the font to something that matches the photo and add some emojis and your retro prints are good to go!

    Beautiful Gift Boxes

    Whether it's a gift to yourself or a present for someone else, Journi's pics with the original Polaroid frame are perfect for gifting.


    The POLAROID word and the Classic Border Logo are registered trademarks of Polaroid, used under license. Polaroid does not manufacture this product, nor provide any product warranties or support