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Journi’s high quality hardcover photo books offer a premium touch to your most treasured memories. The robust hard cover option will protect your memories against damage for decades to come. All your photos in the album are automatically arranged in a perfect layout and ordered chronologically, including automatically generated dates and maps. Journi’s hardcover photo books are sustainably produced in Europe using the latest printing technology and FSC-certified materials.

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Strong & Durable

Made of strong and scratch-resistant cardboard to keep your memories safe

Perfect Layouts in Seconds

Journi automatically arranges your photos for you, chronologically laying out as many as 1,200 photos in 35 seconds.

Zero Cropping

Journi is free of templates cropping images to fit them and uses the latest printing technology to ensure that you see the whole of your photos
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Low Impact

Packaging using 100% recycled cardboard and 0% plastic and sustainably sourced Paper

2 Million Happy Users

Over 2 million people have trusted us with their memories.

Benefits of a Hardcover

  • A high-quality classic that in contrast to a modern softcover album is made of highly robust and scratch-resistant cardboard.
  • It features a binding into which the spine is glued, ensuring the pages of your photo album are well protected so that they last a lifetime.
  • Personalize the cover with your favourite pictures. Customize it further by selecting from a variety of typography styles and different colours.

A Photo Book for Years to Come

Journi’s hardcover photo book is the ideal choice for all special occasions such as babies, weddings and birthdays as well as for unforgettable gifts.

It's also perfectly suited for preserving memories in a family album for generations to come.

No matter whether you want to make photo books online or use the Journi Print photo book app, we’re here for you.