🥇 Journi • Print Great Memories in Seconds
    🥇 Journi • Print Great Memories in Seconds
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    Journi Family

    Join us in the Journi Team

    Our mission is to make personal experiences unforgettable. This goes beyond our apps and products - working in the Journi team is an unforgettable adventure and we're always looking for exceptional people to go on this adventure with us.

    What makes us a team is our passion for solving challenges, being innovative and creative in all that we do, and working towards having a real impact, striving to achieve mutual goals.

    This is what we have in common, however there are a million things that make us different. We are proud to promote inclusion and diversity at Journi - no matter what race, nationality, gender, religion or sexual orientation - there is always a space for exceptional individuals in our team.

    Perks & Benefits

    Working at Journi.
    Here is what it's like

    Social benefits

    Free Transport

    Easy, efficient, and environmentally-friendly. Make unlimited use of Vienna's public transport system thanks to the annual ticket provided by Journi.
    Stay nourished

    Food for Thought

    Whether you're after a snack, or a full meal, we have you covered with our range of breakfast options, fruits, lunch vouchers, and afternoon treats.
    Stay nourished

    Caffè, Italian-Style

    You can thank our CPO later for her insistence on installing a genuine, barista-style espresso machine from Italy.
    Stay nourished

    Thirsty Thursdays

    A fridge full of booze ...do we need to say anymore?
    Social benefits

    Free German Classes

    We're an English-speaking office, but knowing some (Austrian) German might come in handy from time to time
    Social benefits

    Award-winning Office

    Yup. Vienna's Office Of The Year 2021. No big deal.
    Personal growth

    +1 holiday for each year

    Get up to 5 extra holidays per year. 1 extra day for each additional working anniversary at Journi.
    Personal growth

    21 Nationalities

    An international team in an international city. There's always an interesting conversation to be had!
    International Culture

    Hi-Tech Equipment

    We'll give you a Macbook (and more) to treat as your own
    Tools that make work fun

    Private Pension Fund

    This is in addition to the social insurance contributions we make into your state pensions
    Tools that make work fun

    Regular Team-Building

    Ranging from smaller board-game nights and table-football competitions, to annual team trips to the beach or mountains, and everything in between.
    Tools that make work fun

    Flexible Working

    With core working hours 10am-4pm Monday to Thursday, and up to 40% home office time, you can work the way that suits you best!
    Journi office

    Office of the Year

    Journi Headquarters

    First things first. We built the whole office ourselves.

    Journi Cinemaenjoy team meetings & movie nights in our own cinema
    Journi Bistrofor lunch and coffee with your coworkers
    Journi Kitchenhuge & fully equiped to cook for yourself or others
    Journi Playgrounda climbing net, swings, table tennis & table soccer
    Journi Barfor grabbing a drink after work
    Journi Siesta Bedswhenever you need a break, you can use one to free your mind
    Journi Focus Boxes...invisible to others at one of our adjustable, standing desks

    Enjoy working at our office - made by the Journi team, for the Journi team! We fully renovated this space ourselves, which is located in the very accessible 14th district of Vienna. It was a team effort and well-worth it to make the whole team feel at home. In 2019 we moved in, and have been enjoying our shared space ever since!

    A message from our team to you

    Within my first week at Journi I felt totally integrated into the team. I really appreciate how helpful and open minded everybody is and that so many internationals work here.
    My first day at Journi was very welcoming and I instantly felt as part of the team. I especially appreciate the open and transparent communication which makes it very easy to fit in.
    Each day is about not only growing the company, but also ourselves as individuals. We’re not only given the space to develop, but are actively supported and encouraged to do so.
    A small team can achieve great things. It’s really inspiring to see how much can be done when such motivated people come together - this is what I love at Journi.
    5 people having a meeting and talking

    How we hire

    When hiring, it’s incredible important to us that we find a great fit for our team. For this reason we use a stepwise application process that gives you insight in the working life at Journi.

    Throughout the process you’ll meet different members of the team, complete a small challenge, and be able to ask anything you would like to know about the role. The goal of our process is for us to get to know you and vice versa - the fit has to be mutual.

    How we're funded

    Unlike many other startups, we're entirely self-funded ...and have been since 2018!

    We're not reliant upon new funding rounds to ensure growth or survival. Rather, we've already established strong product-market fit, and have since developed a business model that ensures strong growth without risking the future of the business.

    We're committed to sound business decisions that ensure our financial sustainability, as well as fostering a culture that allows for the creativity and innovation needed to make Journi a household name of the future.

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