France · 4 Days · 5 Moments · October 2016

Wally Shirey

Wally's odyssey through Paris, France

19 October 2016

Got a chocolate caramel and yuzu eclairs from L'éclair de Génie in La Marais and some bonbons!
We went to the Louvre after a failed attempt to enter on a day it's closed. After orienting ourself with the Nintendo DX powered audio guide we chose the masterpiece tour that ushered through the daunting palace to see the Milo (Aphrodite) de Venus, the Winged Victory (Nike) of Samothrace, and the Mona Lisa.
Restaurant Guy Savoy. 18 (21 unofficially) courses. Best. Meal. Ever.

15 October 2016

We were able to score an entire row to ourselves.
Saying bye to our buddy before our trip. Trust me he will have more fun at daycare then we will in France.