Canada · 59 Days · 15 Moments · August 2016

Matteo Conrad

Stage 2 of Matteo's Travel: Calgary

6 days ago

We went to visit Drumheller yesterday which is famous for a plethora of Dinosaur fossil discoveries. If you've ever looked for a town that's dinosaur themed, there you go. The museum was very interesting and some amazing fossils were on display there. We also went to see some Hoo Doos, I believe there spelled that way, and climbed all the way up the side of the little mountain and had an amazing view from the top. Tonight is the premiere of the Walking Dead Season 7, which I'm looking forward to. A little more than two more weeks and I'm off to San Francisco which I'm planning out at the moment.

14 October 2016

Had a great day at work yesterday. Sadly we've been skipping a few days because the weather isn't really playing in our favor but we get the hours together. Going for Dinner at my mums old roomies house, Kato. Very excited to meet her. It's getting a little warmer again, which is very pleasant for work especially if you're freezing in the morning. Only three weeks of work left and I'm off to San Francisco, maybe to meet with Sanne which would be just fantastic before I venture off into completely unknown territory.

13 October 2016

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but the app had a few bugs that didn't allow to open it correctly. Not much has happened though, same old same old. Work, Netflix and the Gym is basically all that I do here. Had a great week with my sister here, we visited Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise. Sadly we had terrible weather and it snowed a lot, which hindered work for a bit but everything's back to the usual now. It's still very cold here, -5°C usually in the morning and throughout the day under 0°C. I'm off to the next part of my trip in less than 4 weeks already, it's getting closer and closer. Will be updating more frequently now

25 September 2016

Well.....according to my Calendar I've been here for a month now already......that is really scary. Time just flies like crazy now and if it keeps going at this pace, I won't even notice that I've landed in San Francisco before I'm embarking on my flight to Christchurch. Great weather this week, which always makes work that much better. Hopefully we get a good amount of hours this week too as that wouldn't hurt at all. Last few weeks have been a little on the low end. Sadly our plans to go to Vancouver/Whistler were canceled but that's no biggie as that really would've just been the cherry on top.

20 September 2016

Slow week this week. Probably won't be a lot of hours because it's going between raining and the grass not growing. And when it rains, we can't work at all which is the case today. But I'm going to help Leigh and Tom at work today so I don't just spend my day watching Netflix again. Hopefully I get a few more hours in for the rest of the week. Just set up my profile for volunteering in New Zealand, meaning I'll be making my plans for work there very soon.

16 September 2016

Quick week at work, grass has very little growth. Weather is absolutely gorgeous, around 20-25°C all week which makes work a lot more pleasant. We're now down one more person which will give us a few more hours of work next week which I quite frankly don't mind. Going to the gym is also more enjoyable than I thought it would be, which keeps me fairly busy when there's little work.

10 September 2016

We finally ended up going to Lake Louise today and it's absolutely gorgeous. The pictures are not an accurate representation of how beautifully blue/turquoise the water is. With the mountains in the background it's definitely a sight to behold. Some nice cars on the road as well, Ferraris, Mustangs, Vipers and Camaros to name a few. I am very pleased with where I am right now, missing my friends more and more though, just need to distract myself from that.

8 September 2016

Yesterday, I for once forgot to plug my phone in before going to bed so my phone was empty that morning meaning my alarm didn't go off. So waking up to "Matteo, your ride is here" was kind of panic inducing. But as luck would have it, our main man was late as well so nothing happened. And today we go pulled over by the cops cause we skipped some kind of weight thingy that we didn't know we had to go through. And apparently our straps weren't good enough either so we had to go get some other specific ones that are used for commercial vehicles which cost us nearly 2 hours. But since we were working so quickly this week, I have tomorrow off which is nice. We might visit Lake Louise this weekend since he weather is nice for once.

6 September 2016

So after the gym yesterday, I was feeling a little sore, not too much though. Of course today at work we have to carry these super heavy parking blocks made of cement which really didn't go well with the work out yesterday. Barely have any strength at all right now. Squished my hand a little but nothing serious besides a little swelling. Short week this week, hopefully the rain stays away so we can catch up on work and not fall behind anymore. We may or may not go to Lake Louise on the weekend which I'm really excited about.

4 September 2016

Another relaxing weekend almost done. Went to Calgary this morning and took a few nice pictures of the city. Believe it or not, but I actually went to the gym today and will probably be going regularly until I leave Calgary which I'm actually somewhat excited about. Happy that I have someone who knows his stuff with me that can help me a lot.

31 August 2016

Week one is done. Work is better than expected, sadly the weather is either too hot or too cold/rainy for work but it's all a fairly good workout. Sunrises in the morning are absolutely beautiful and the city looks amazing at night and in the morning with all the lights on in the skyscrapers. Netflix is keeping me pretty busy outside of work so my days are usually all filled to the max. Very satisfied with how my second part here turned out.

30 August 2016

Very nice weather here in Calgary, 25°C+ almost all week although we're supposed to get rain on the weekend......seems like another Netflix weekend then. Doesn't look like they want us to have nice weather for Lake Louise. Exhausting day at work today, a lot of rock shoveling plus the heat is not the most pleasant. (The picture is from when I was kinda bored if you couldn't tell)

28 August 2016

Did a quick trip to Banff today. Was really nice, very touristy and strong Ski Town vibe (big surprise). Sadly is was a bit cloudy so we couldn't see the top of the mountains but we will probably go there another day to go sightseeing a bit more. Took some nice pictures though. Excited for work tomorrow, let's see how that turns out.
Very relaxing weekend here in Calgary, my place is a lot nicer than expected to be honest (huge thanks to Leigh and Tom for letting me stay here). I have internet and Netflix here so that's a major plus. Start work at 6:30am tomorrow, which I don't have a problem with, early start means early finish. Temperature is significantly lower than in New Liskeard, but that's apparently supposed to change this week with temperatures around 25°C all week. I really miss my friends in New Liskeard and even though I'd love to go back for somewhat longer, I know that most of them are off to university already and I wouldn't be able to spend time anyway. I hope they have an amazing time and I'm already looking forward to coming back next summer. But enough of the sadness, let's hope for some fun here in Calgary and whatever's coming up next.

25 August 2016

Arrived safely in Calgary. Flight worked out fine, got my luggage immediately when I arrived so that was a plus. Will be setting up my stuff and updating further whenever stuff comes up.