United Arab Emirates · 8 Days · 17 Moments · October 2016

Sarah Morgenthaler

Sarah's trip to United Arab Emirates

9 October 2016

-> we packed our things out and ate dinner in "la citronelle". After some formalities and explanations about the villa and our Butler, we fell asleep quickly. This was the beginning of our luxus holidays in a paradise (full of swiss people). And also our ending of the beautiful city trip.
On Friday we woke up very early when the sun just got up. We packed the last things in our bags and ate reakfast at 6:30. Our flight departed at 10:20 so we wanted to be at the check-in about 8:00. Because we achieved this and there weren't so many people in the airport, we were yet at 9:00 at the gate. So we used this time woth going to the dutyfree shops. Nobody bought something but they have many cool things. Then we could board and get in the plane very fast. The flight was quite good although there was a storm, which caused that we needed to remain seated a long time. I watched the film "The Shallows" which I can really recommend and I also watched some cooking shows. The plane was a A380. That means many people woth many baggage fit in. Because of this we waited very long for our bags. But we were glad that in the end every bag arrived safely. The hotel booked a transport for us and when we arrived at our villa (Constance Belle Mare Plage, Villa 15) -> next note

8 October 2016

-> Because we also wanted to go on the palm we took the tram again to the monorail, which drives through the palm to the Atlantis. Because as a tourist you can't do a lot in the Atlantis, so we went back to the monorail fast. Then we drove back to the hotel because we were all a bit exhausted. This gave us the opportunity to relax a little bit and get ready for dinner. This evening we dicided to go and eat at Dubai Madinat. This is like a small center with souvenir shops, many restaurants, a small river and a fantastic view over the Burj al Arab. We ate in "trattoria" a pizza and ate an icecream. Then we took a taxi again to go home to the hotel. There we packed all our stuff together and went sleeping as early as possible because on Friday, we needed to wake up at 6:00.

7 October 2016

Thursday Was our kast full day in Dubai. In the morning we took the Metro and then the tram to "Jumeirah beach residence 1". There we walked a but along the beach but because it was very hot we stoppped early to drink something. The bar was called "retro feasts" and the view was beautiful. When we finished drinking, we continued our walk. I don't like the beach there so much, because in front of it they're building many new houses and that doesn't look so good. Mom and Dad also wanted to show us the Dubai Marina, where they have been last year as well. It a small lake with skyscrapers around. It looks very cool and is a bit more relaxed than downtown Dubai. Because we were all hot we went to the tram and drove to the Marina Mall. This is a small mall but it has cool shops in it. I have been quite successful: I bought a pullover, a cardigan amd some souvenirs. After free time we ate a sub from subway together. -> next note
->At 5:30 we met again with the driver. After the daily congestion on the Sheikh Zayed street we arrived at the hotel. Because all of us were a bit tired we didn't want to go eat far away. So we walked to the Metro station and ate a Quinoa salad and a cheesecake in "Soho grill". Then we went to bed. For me it was a beautiful day with lots of Adrenaline and car rides.
-> He showed us the huge villas of the Sheikhs and their families. In general Abu Dhabi is richer than Dubai, has more space and more money. They also build many new islands and buildings, like Dubai. He also made some photostops where we could photograph the skyline of Abu Dhabi, which looks a but like the New York city skyline. Around 2.00pm we were on our last stop: The Ferrari world on Yas island. Yas island is a man-made island which isn't fully developed yet. But they don't care about that and just started to build a new island. Our driver gave us about 2,5 hours time to experience the Ferrari world. Because there weren't many people and also because they're building new rollercoasters,not every attraction was opened. Lea, Dad and I first went to the fastest roller coaster in the world (240km/h) and then to the one with the highest loop of the world. The time went by fast in the cool but quite small Ferrari world. -> next note
On Wednesday we got up early again because we ordered a car with driver for 9.00. The driver was from Pakistan (like many people in Dubai) and really kind. He first drove us to Abu Dhabi, which took circa one hour. On the way we saw many gas power stations and construction areas. But these you can see everywhere in UAE because they're a bit crazy and keep on building new things. The driver first took us to the Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Luckily there weren't so many people because the main tourism season in UAE is in January/February. Mam, Lea and I needed to get a black "dress" which covered our heads, arms and knees. We had one hour time to visit the Mosque which sounds like a lot, but for this Mosque it was almost too little. On the inside there are three big and beautiful chandeliers but also two small chandeliers. I really liked to visit the Mosque but we were also happy to undress the "dress". Then our chauffeur made a city tour with us. -> next note

6 October 2016

-> We were very confused and surprised that it rains in the desert. Because of this rain many people came to drive in the desert with their car. The reason is the condition of the sand and that the desert is free for everyone. We made some photostops and then we went to the "desert gate" camp. Outside of this camp there were some camels which Lea and I rode. It was a short ride and sadly, the camels were very unhappy. Through a beautiful entry with laterns we entered the little camp where we first became tea and dates. Then there was a buffet with arabian food. I didn't like everything but I tried many things. Mam, Lea and I also made a Henna Tattoo on the hand. Before we drove back to Dubai with the cars one male dancer and one female belly dancer made a small, arabian show for us. For me it was a very cool evening and with the rain also something special. In the end we fell asleep very tired but happy.
On Tuesday we had a full program: Beach, Mall of the Emirates & Desert. In the morning, after the yummy breakfast, we took a taxi to the public "Kite Beach". Of course it was very hot outside and the water was also hot. We walked a bit around, took pictures of the Burj al Arab and swam in the beautiful, wavy sea. Approximately 2 hours later we took a taxi back to the Rose Rayhaan. We took a shower and made ourselves ready for the afternoon. My family and I walked to the Metro station and drove to the "Mall of the Emirates". This is the Mall with the Skihall. Ut is a bit smaller and clearer than the Dubai Mall. Lea and I drank a yummy smoothie in "Pulp" before the shopping time. Although I didn't buy anything because I liked it. We met with Mam & Dad, took the Metro to the Hotel and got ready for the desert. We and a german couple were in a car with a driver with who we spent the evening. After driving an hour out to the desert it started ro rain! -> next note
Dubai Marina
-> From the top we had a brilliant view over Dubai. We could see all the huge buildings and streets. We also saw the watershow bassin. On the top we made pictures and enjoyed the view for circa an hour. Then we took the elevators again to go down. After that, Mom & Dad gave us 2 hours free time to shop in the Dubai Mall. It was way too little time because the Mall is sooo big with sooo many cool shops. It also has an aquarium. Lea & I literally ran through the Mall. I bougt a Pullover from Hollister and 3 other things. After we met again by the big waterfall, we took the Metro to go to the Hotel. We relaxed a bit and changed our chlothes before we took the Metro again to the Dubai Mall. All of us were very hungry so we ate a salad in "California Pizza Kitchen". The salad was very delicious. Then we wanted to see the watershow outside the Dubai Mall which was very beautiful. Because afterwards we were all a but tired we went back to the hotel and went to bed.

5 October 2016

->Although the streets were a bit noisy, it was a good night. In the morning we left quite early to check-in even before the brakfast. I didn't like the food but it was definitely better than nothing. Then we went to the security check and all that stuff. At 11:10 we finally left from Milan and flew in a B777 to Dubai. The flight was very relaxed and time went by fast. We arrived at about 19:20 but until we reached the Hotel it was about 20:45. Not even really in the hotel yet, a lady gave us dates and coffee. Then, after we took the room we got out to eat something little. We ended up in "Le pain quotidien" where Lea and I shared a muffin. The next day, Monday, we visited the Dubai Mall and went to the top of Burj Khalifa. We didn't need to queue, because there weren't many people. So we just waited about 5 minutes and then we could take the 1st elevator to the 125th floor. Then we changed the elevator to reach the 148th floor. The elevators are very very very fast.-> next note
Hello journi Today is Wednesday, 5th October and I'm here in Dubai. I didn't write yet because I didn't have time. We're staying in the 4 stars Hotel Rose Rayhaan bt Rotana. The room is in the 44th floor so,of course, we have a fantastic view from our window. We directly see the Sheikh Zayed Street which is the biggest street in Dubai with 6 lanes on each side. Another very cool thing about this hotel is that it is near the metro station "financial centre". And the breakfast is nice. So far, I really like Dubai and the differences from Europe. Now I want to describe the last few days here. We arrived in Dubai on Sunday and on Friday we fly to Mauritius where we'll spend one week before we head home again. On Saturday evening we drived to Milan because we flew from there (it's a lot cheaper). We slept this night in the Sheraton Hotel which is directly in the airport. ->More on the next note.
Mosque in Abu Dhabi

4 October 2016

Sunset in the desert with with still some clouds from the storm.

3 October 2016

View from Burj Khalifa (148th floor)

2 October 2016