Mauritius · 7 Days · 22 Moments · October 2016

Sarah Morgenthaler

Sarah's adventure in Mauritius

15 October 2016

Today, Saturday is our last day here in Mauritius. In the morning Mom and Dad went golfing. Lea and I packed our bags and then went eating breakfast for the last time. Then we went back to our villa to get ready for the beach and take all the things out od the villa, because we need to leave the villa at 12:00. The weather today is very beautiful there is no cloud in the sky. We arrived at the beach about 10:00 and then stayed there until 14:00. There we ate lunch in the same restaurant as every day. Then we all went back to the beach until about 17:00.
-> We had a look at it and then we searched a cafe to drink something. After that we went back to the taxi because we all had enough of this city yet. Port Louis is just the opposite of our resort. It's dirty and not very beautiful. If course this is just our opinion. When we arrived at our villa it was already 18:30. So we went eating dinner after a short break. After that we packed a but our stuff for Saturday and them went to bed.

14 October 2016

On Friday made a quite normal morning. Mom & Dad didn't go golfing so we could go to breakfast all together. Then we went to the beach but it was very cloudy and even rained a bit. But we stayed at the beach and luckily at noon the weather got better. We ate lunch at 12:45 yet, because we needed to be at the reception at 14:00. We booked a trip to the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis. The taxi picked us up and drove us to the waterfront. This is a shopping centre and it has also many restaurants there. Many local people go there as well. But before we visited this we went to the famous market. It's a very big market with fish, fresh fruits and also some souvenirs. The food is very cheap there and there weren't many tourists. We just walked a bit around and then we went back to the waterfront. There we went into the small shopping houses but nobody bought anything except souvenirs. In the waterfront there are also these famous colorful umbrellas. -> next note

13 October 2016

Today, Thursday, we made again a relaxing day at the beach. Mom & Dad went golfing in the morning. Lea & I went to the treadmill and then we ate breakfast. After the stuff made our room we creamed sunscreen and went to the beach. It was a very windy morning. Then Mom and Dad came and we went eating lunch in "La kaze" as usually. At 14:30 we had booked a "glass bottom boat trip". On the boat were 12 people and a driver. He drove us the the "small" reef where we saw many fishes and corals. Then he threw bread into the water and we could go swimming with them. It was very cool and nice. Then he also showed us 300 years old corals, which basically just look like huge stones. We looked at them, then drove back to the jetty and I turned another round on the wakeboard, what made a lot of fun. At about 17:00 it got colder so we walled to the villa and relaxed a bit. At 20:00 we went eating dinner in "La spiagga". This is a Mediterranean restaurant. It was yummy. Then we went to bed.
-> For me this was a very special and very beautiful day, I really enjoyed my 16th birthday with my family in Mauritius.
-> The driver actually wanted to go back to the resort but we wanted to see the "Gris-gris" as well so he drove us there. Gris-gris is a beach with rocks and sand bit there is no reef in front of it. So there are huge and beautiful waves. This place is very nice but it doesn't look like Mauritius. We took some photos there and then we went back to the resort. We went to the villa and in our room were two animals made out of towles and flowers waiting for us. One was a swan and the other one a pig. This was a present form the employees for my birthday and they were very cute. I responded every messages from the people who texted me and the we got ready for dinner. We went to "La citronelle" again. After the dinner we wanted to go to the bar and drink something to celebrate my birthday but they hadn't good drinks so Lea and I drank a smoothie. At 22:00! When we were back at the vila everybody was tired from the long day so we went sleeping. -> next note
-> The taxi was still waiting for us and then we drove to the "Black river gorges" where there were many monkeys again and of course also many tourists. From the viewpoint you have a fantastic view over the "jungle" and the mountains. After this stop we drove to the nariobal park. There we stopped first at the waterfall abd then we drove to the "7 colored earth". We all thought that this was bigger but it was beautiful and impressive anyway. We all got hungry a bit so he drove us to a picnic place i the national park. There we ate our lunch while many different birds were surrounding us. Strengthened we drove tp another waterfall which the driver wanted to show us. They're called the "Rochester falls" and are not so crwoded. The reason is the street to the waterfall. The street is more a path than a street and we were lucky to have a toyota. The rochester falls are not so high but instead very wide. This was my favourite waterfall of the tour. -> next note
-> the water was as always very nica and warm. Then we drove back ti the hotel and got ready for our next point on the program: a tour through the south of the island. Of course our villa master prepared a huge lunch bag for us again. But this time she also gave us a big cooling box with many drinks in it. But it was alsmost normal for us now. So we got to the reception with a buggy and then the ordered taxi came. We first drove to the vulvano crater "trouc aux cerfs". There you have also a good view over Port Luis and the mountains. After taking some pictures we drove to the grand bassin where ot has a big Hindu temple. In front of the temple is a statue of Shiwa where we also saw many monkeys who were eating from the trash. As all over the tour it had many tourists mostly from asia and europe. We went into the temple but we didn't stay there for long because it was very dirty. -> next note

12 October 2016

On Wednesday, 12.10, it was my birthday. My parents and my sister planned something for the morning but I dismissed know what so it was a surprise. She woke me up with a Happy birthday song at 6:30. I became the gift ftom her, a body mist from Abercrombie and Fitch. Then she said we're going to swim in the sea so I wore a bikini. We all went to the beach and Dad said "let's take a picture on the jetty. But this was just an excuse. Actually the catamaran was there and this was the surprise: eating breakfast on the catamaran while driving a bit around. It was very cool and beautiful weather but the breakfast was wayyy to big for us. They brought so many things but after we ate a small part of the breakfast we were all full. We felt very sorry for leaving so much food on the boat. Then, like this wouldn't have been enough, one of the stuff brought a chocolate cake with 16 candles out. It was very delicious but too much. After that the driver stopped so we could go swimming.->next note
-> This evening not in the normal restaurant, but in the golf restaurant "Deer Hunter". We had to take the menu which I didn't like very much. Then we just went to bed and fell asleep quickly.

11 October 2016

Tuesday was a long day because Lea and I got up at 5:15 to see tge sunrise. We went t to the beach and were even to early so we waited until 5:40, the sunrise. Although the sky was cloudy it was a very beautiful sunrise. At 6:00 it was very bright. We walked a bit along the beach and took some oictures before we went to bed again. Mom and Dad went to train in the gym so we ate breakfast at 9:00. After that we got ready for the beach and relaxed and swam in the sea until we went eating lunch (again in "the kaze"). As always it was very yummy. Then Lea and I wanted to have some action so she went wakeboarding and I tried Waterskiing for the first time. To come up is pretty easy bit the feeling above the water is completely different from wakeboarding. Dad also made it and he had much fun. Because there was rain a few moments later we went back to our villa and relaxed there a but until we ate dinner. -> next note
-> you can eat pizza and pasta or asian or fish... There is something for everyone. It also has Falata (or Farata?), an asian meal which is very spicy but I really like it and took it a few times in this week. We all were tired from the sun so we went to bed as early as every day.
On Monday morning Lea and I went to the gym for about 20 minutes. We just used the treadmill. After we ate breakfast and made ourselves ready for the beach. Before going to swim we wanted to go wakeboarding. Both succeeded in it. It was very much fun. Then we searched a beach chair and chilled in the sun until 13:30. Then we met again with our parents to eat lunch in "the kaze" (They were golfing in the morning). As always the lunch buffet was very yummy but also a bit stressful because there were many people. We went back to the beach to relax, swim and get tanned again. The day here in Mauritius starts very early ad ends early again. That's because of the sun, which gies up at 5:40 and goes down at 18:10. that's also the reaso why we left the beach at about 17:00 to eat apero in our villa. After we took a shower we walked to the restaurant "la citronelle" like every evening so far. This is a big self-service restaurant with a big variety of food: -> next note
-> This is a small and very touristic place. On the island there is a big golfplace and a big beach, but that's all. On the island we had 3 hours tine to eat our lunch from the big lunchbag and to go swimming. First we stayed in the middle of the island where it had many people. After about ine and a half hour we walked to the back of the island where the beach was even more beautiful and there weren't many people. After we relaxed a bit and took many pictures we went back to the boat and drove to the start again. It's called "Trou de l'eau douce". Then we went back to the villa with a taxi and ate our Apero before going to the restaurant. After dinner we went to bed early because we were all very tired from the cool and action filled day.
The sunrise on Tuesday, 5:40

10 October 2016

-> the GRSE waterfall (grand river south east) we were able to go swimming with a guide of course. We walked up to the top of ther waterfall and then we went swimming in the bassins over the waterfall. We were the only ones who did this. But he said that around Christmas this area is full of tourists. The water can be up to 40 degrees then as well. We jumped from the lava stones, swam and had a fun although it was a bit cold. We couldn't jump from the waterfall itself because it would have been too dangerous. The guide told us many things about the Mauritius and leaded us through the river very good, he knew every stone. After we paid him we went back on our boat and drove fastly to our next stop: snorkeling in the reef. The driver gave us all the stuff and then we could go in the water. It had a lot of fishes and was very beautiful. We were there for about 15 minutes and then we went on the boat again and drove to our alst stop, the "Île aux cerfs". -> next note
Sunday was a very cool and adventurous day. After early breakfast at 8:00 we wnt back to the villa where we got ready for the day. Our villa master already made lunch ready. We ordered it on Saturday. We thought it's gonna be a small bix with sandwiches, nothing big. But before we departured she gave us a huge bag full of snacks, fuits and drinks. It needed two men to carry this bag! We felt very strange and also a bit embarassed. At 9:30 a taxi picked us up and drove us in about 15 minutes to the start of our boad trip. While we waited for our boat to be ready a employee told us that "thaler" from Morgenthaler in Creole means "later". He laughed quite hard about this. A bit later we could go on our speed boat with driver which was just for us four. At the same time some asians arrived in buses. They needed to share a boat with many people. So we were haopy to be on an own boat. This gave us also morn possibilities. For example when we arrived at our first stop, -> next note
->This was quite strange for us at first, because they don't let you do anything yourself. For example they close the curtains at night for you and in the morning they open it again. Now we're used to this.
On Saturday we slept in and made a relaxing day. We went to eat breakfast with a Buggy like always. After that an employee showed us the whole resort. The tour took about one hour. Then we went to the beach in front of the villas. But the weather was just good for about an hour and then it went cold and cloudy. So we decided to go and eat lunch. Of course it was very delicious. Because we had quite cold after that, Lea and I went to the Villa and Mam & Dad have gone to the whirlpool. we really enjoyed our relaxed afternoon, we also needed it to figure out everything a bit. Because all the restaurants were already full we ate in the normal restaurant "Citronelle". Back again in the villa, we played jass before we went sleeping. Something general about our holiday in Mauritius: Because we have the all-inclusive pachage (Cristal Package) we also have one "Villa Master" (like a butler) who organizes everything for us and who also cleans the villa.-> next note

9 October 2016

Hello journi Today is Monday, 10.10.16 and I am writing from the hotel beach. We stay here in "Constance Belle Mare plage" until Saturday. Before I write about each day in detail, I start with the we arrivel day, Friday. As I wrote in the Dubai trip journi already, we arrived about 17:00 in Mahebourg. Then, when we finally received our baggage, we drove to our Villa 15 by taxi. After some they explained us the most important things, we ate (with rain) and then went to bed.
The place where we went swimming over the waterfall.

8 October 2016

The hotel beach