Portugal · 11 Days · 26 Moments · September 2016

30 September 2016

Last tea on balcony. Three-hour drive to Lisbon; returning car to Centauro (car Leasing Company) and off via Milano to Vienna. Home at 10:00 pm. End of our journey.

29 September 2016

Driving around Lagos area
Last day in Lagos; strolling around the old city; doing a bit of shopping. Bought various cork products; Portugal is the biggest cork producer in Europe (736.000 ha of cork trees which could be partially seen when driving back to Lisboa). Visited also the antique slavery market, where the slaves were sold from 1444 till 1820. building completely renovated. The second largest city in Africa, Lagos, Nigeria was named after the Portuguese harbour city Lagos. The young boy statue is the king Sebastiao who went to a battle in 1578 to Morocco to christianize with his soldiers Morocco but never returned. So the hope remained that he will come back one day to Portugal and rescue his country (myth).

28 September 2016

Morning English breakfast at Marina Harbor. Spent the day on one of dozens of Lagos beaches (Santa Maria), had good food there and stayed till sun set

27 September 2016

A few more grottes, where the boats are going thru
Left the beautiful Marine harbour (even at the harbour the water is clear), going thru a drawbridge and took a boat ride to the famous grottes, cliffs and stone formations with cristal clear water. Paradise for paddling, snorkeling, sailing, swimming and hiking along the cliffs ((Ponta da Piedade is one of the most beautiful beaches)

26 September 2016

Discovered a Hapimag resort, already in Albufeira district. Great location. Must tell Rosmarie since she is a Hapimag member
Went this morning to Gale, which has such beautiful cliff formations; very picturesque

25 September 2016

Evening spent in Quay Lagos, waterfront bar&bistro; top quality fish - douade and since the majority of guests here are British, personnel in restaurants, bars are a lot British; as desert we even got Pavlova
Stay in the Lagos Marine Resort, which is in walking distance to Lagos old city, to Meia Praia, a flat 7 km beach, very conveniently located

22 September 2016

First impression of Lagos. Morning stroll thru Lagos old town. Very pretty and beautiful small shops, fish market and dozens of restaurants.
Picking up our car and leaving Lisbon crossing Tejo over long bridge

21 September 2016

Evening at Ibo, Cais do Sodre, on the harbor. Top restaurant for seafood. Had gigantic lobster. Unforgettable evening
Pastel Nata, its served hot, inside kind of vanilla custard, simply delicious
Afternoon train trip to Estoril. Portuguese royals and other European aristocrates spent their summers there. Beautiful beach and a promenade along the sea, connecting Estoril and Cascais
What an amazing day!!! Walked down in the morning towards Baixa, passing Praca do Comercio, Praca do Municipio, Elevador de Santa Justa, having lunch in Rua Augusta, passing thru the Arco Triunfal towards the harbour

20 September 2016

Enjoyed evening at a Fado restaurant. Fado means fate and is a form of music characterized by mournful tunes and lyrics, often about the sea or the life of the poor, with a sentiment of resignation, fatefulness and melancholia.
Taking a ferry to Almada, viewing Lisbon and returning at sunset. We could only see the Cristo Rei statue from the backside as it is fenced and it was already closing time. The statue is 28m high and is looking at the Tejo river, blessing Lisbon
Electric Tuk Tuks, trams, ...
Exploring Lisbon by foot
Public toilets and kiosks for drinking coffee
Old coffee machine in hotel
Our Hotel, modern in the expensive shopping street Avenida da Liberdade; the wide boulevards have cobblestone mosaiques made of black basalt and white limestone.

19 September 2016

Nach unserer 2-stündigen Tuk Tuk Tour, die elektrisch betrieben werden, haben wir die Stadt gut abgedeckt. Anschließend Mittagessen in der Markthalle. Sehr gutes Essen. Nachmittag mit Zug nach Cascais. Dauert ca. 1 Stunde. Hübscher Ort, viele Touristen. Abends in die Bar "Love Pension", was früher ein Puff war. Ist auch in dem Stil so geblieben und ist sehr bekannt
On one of the seven hills
All Lisbon