United States of America · 136 Days · 20 Moments · August 2016

Patty Kubeja

Patty's trip to United States of America

27 December 2016

We went to 10:30 mass on Christmas Eve and then LDS services on Sun at 10:00. We stayed up until 3:00 am on Sat talking with family on Moms new IPAD. Very tired almost didn't go church but we picked up Shirley and went .

26 December 2016

Tony Katrina and Caiden. Pretty cute family with a little girl on the way.

24 December 2016

Christmas at Mom Kubeja's - nice little tree and. Enter kisses

12 December 2016

Beautiful sun rise on our trip to Erie- on OK I think
We are driving from Phoenix to Amarillo today. It has gone smoothly so far. Beautiful moon rise and sunset. Unfortunate truck fire.

11 December 2016

Spent the day with my dear friend Melisa Maxwell - we went to high school together and were close friends. Attend her stake conference and had lunch with her boys Ammon and Aaron

9 December 2016

Visited my Aunt Helen and Uncle Jim Billmayer in Suncity AZ. They had a party were even Santa was a guest.

8 December 2016

We stopped at the cliff dwellers and Lees Ferry ( he was executed for the Mountain Meadows Massacre). Cool toadstool and formations

6 December 2016

6 Dec 2016Thought these were but they were turkeys getting their morning grub in Kanab UT

5 December 2016

Beautiful sunset Dec 5th 2016 Kanab UT. . I traded green for red .

2 December 2016

2 Dec 2016 racking leaves and then jumping in them was a lot of work. I found out I have allergies - at least the eye dr said do. Guess that us why my eye itches after the fun.
We have trees and they shed leaves so I had to rake- I haven't finished all the trees yet but I have a lot of leaves for the garden

29 November 2016

30 Nov 2016. We are at BK and sat in this cool car.

28 November 2016

28 Nov 2016. We had quite a load coming home. I didn't get a pic of the mud bath Mark gave the truck. It was awful to try and clean up
We had quite a load of stuff coming home from WA - I am sure it was a sight to see.

25 November 2016

Had a sweet visit with my dear friend Terry Gifford at Sierras lovely home.
Thanksgiving 2016. Lots of family fun and good food. Sierra shared her lovely apartment she had all decorated . So lovely🎄❤️

27 August 2016

We attended the Western Legend parade and it rained! I felt like I was back on WA but used an umbrella. Aug 25 2016 Funniest thing was polygamist in a horse carriage

15 August 2016

So we attended Caden's wedding to Taylor. It was a happy event. We stayed with Marks cousin Roxy in Draper. We went back to the reception Sat evening and visited some more. Mark and Clint went to the Salt Flats Sun and I went to church. Then I hiked up to Solitude lake in big cottonwood canyon it was a good hike and beautiful . Mom turns 86 this week. She is looking good. She us holding Baby Breagyn. Austin son .

13 August 2016

So it has been awhile since I posted. We had a fun time. We went on a 4 wheel ride with Clint - fun night ride . I thought I had juice grapes but after going out and seeing that an animal had eaten the grapes I realized they are green eating grapes. Harvested them so the deer won't eat them all. A storm brought some hail. Pretty cool liking marbles. I ate one and they were just as ice cubes. Attended Caden's wedding