Mexico · 7 Days · 27 Moments · October 2015

Colleen McBride

Our Cabo Honeymoon

27 October 2015

Home sweet home!!
Kylie, here we come! 🛫
Adios, Cabo! Our first honeymoon is over! Headed back home to little miss Kylie now!

26 October 2015

We then completed our scenic journey back to our hotel for a mid-to-late afternoon siesta. The excursion was completely worth it and sure to be remembered.
On the way home, we stopped in Todos Santos, which is a small, run-down town with one very cool hotel, Hotel California. Colleen had a delicious margarita and Justin had an extra delicious, very fresh Mojito.
Took a two hour bus ride with a very scenic view full of cacti mountains and coastlines to La Paz, the capital of Baja California, where the whale sharks live, right by the Sea of Cortez. Once there, we met our boat captain, and spent two hours chasing whale sharks and jumping off the boat to scuba dive and swim alongside these "gentle giants". We don't have pictures here to upload yet, but we bought the DVD of photos and videos to watch later. It was surprisingly exhausting, but expectedly awesome. After the boat ride, we were treated to a delicious lunch of breaded fish tacos and cerveza.
Last full day - did an all-day Cabo Adventures Whale Shark Scuba Diving Excursion. Met at the dolphin stadium and got to check out some dolphins playing before we took off on our adventure. The dolphins came right up to the window and played with us.

25 October 2015

Finally feeling back to normal, we took a shuttle to Pueblo Bonito Rose and walked along the beach to the marina (about a mile or two) and then back to watch the Colts lose. But, we couldn't beat the view at the fun, lively sports bar on the beach. El Barrajo (the drunk) came by with a consolation tequila shot for Colleen. After the game, we went (really really fast) on waver runners in the bay. It was a great day! Also, the time turned back an hour for daylight savings here, and will also turn back an hour in San Diego next week, so we net one extra hour this year!

24 October 2015

At night, there was a (loud) wedding "night after, white party" at our hotel (the tee pees), so we went back to the marina. We went to a good local brewery (Baja Brewing Co.) and listened as the Bisbee's Marlin banquet took place. They raffled off $3 million dollars at the Bisbee's Offshore Marlin fishermen banquet, some of them have had catches of a couple hundred pounds. They set off fireworks over the marina.
While not quite feeling great, we managed to walk around the marina, go into town and do some shopping, and get some local Mexican food (well, Justin did; Colleen bought a hat).

23 October 2015

We watched the sunset then took a shuttle to another Pueblo Bonito resort, Rose. It was very nice and big. The waves were huge from the effects of Hurricane Patricia, and sandbags were out. There were sea turtle eggs at risk from the rough waves that had the workers very concerned. It was a nice night!
Day 3 - Colleen has food poisoning. A doctor came and gave her a shot and medicine. Justin patiently took care of Colleen, and also worked out at the gym.
We are very fortunate that we chose to come to Cabo, as Hurricane Patricia, the most dangerous hurricane in history, is set to hit Puerto Vallarta this afternoon. Cabo appears to be free from any impact.

22 October 2015

Listened to a family play live jazz and swung in a hammock
Dinner and a view! Drinks after dinner in the hotel's lounge.
Day 2 - we slept until 9am (!) and enjoyed a leisurely day of hanging out at the resort. We swam, played ladders (Colleen won) and ping pong (Justin won). Then we played Mexican Bingo with the resort and Colleen won a round. There was a belly flop tie breaker for another round. Then Colleen laid on a raft with a strawberry daiquiri and Justin pushed her around the pool on it for an hour, while we talked to some guests. Then siesta. Dinner next.

21 October 2015

Sat by the fires after dinner with drinks and listened to an electric guitarist play for a couple hours.
Dinner was delicious - ceviche, steak, pork, and churros. A tropical xylophone played while we watched the sunset during dinner.
Giant Mexican moths, the size of a bat. This one stayed in our room overnight, and finally we had a worker remove him with a net.
Pueblo Bonito Pacifica All-Inclusive Resort
So hard to say bye to little Kylie for a week, but glad she's in good hands during her "staycation" with GG and Aunt B!