Italy · 42 Days · 43 Moments · September 2016

Natalie Brammer

Natalie's adventure in Italy

9 days ago

Morning Lisa!

10 days ago

Ester's house in Naples x

14 October 2016

Vatican pt 3
Vatican pt 2
Trevi and Vatican pt 1

13 October 2016

Dinner, drinks, and Nike

12 October 2016

WikiHostel Zagarolo, Rome

6 October 2016

Countryside apartment in Spoleto, maiano. Dinner cooked by me 🇮🇹🍷

4 October 2016

Wine tasting after a day of sunbathing 🍷

3 October 2016

Awesome selfie location
Exploring Perugia

2 October 2016

Perugia farmhouse.

1 October 2016

Last day in Ravenna. Standard church-visiting attire

30 September 2016

More historic church buildings. Ravenna.

29 September 2016

Ostello Dante, Ravenna. Cause only I could think I'm escaping to another beach, and end up in church central 😅

28 September 2016

Jammin' party hostel, Rimini. Didn't take my camera out anywhere, cause I spent my days at the beach ☀️

25 September 2016

Last few from Assisi. Did Saint Francis' nature trail x

24 September 2016

Weird museum, awesome views, and a beautiful cuppa in Assisi x

23 September 2016

Lost in Assisi x

22 September 2016

Obligatory selfies!! More views!! Wolf mother!!

21 September 2016

Siena at night, tricolor bomb, fortezza views.
Being judged by a hog on my tourist-photo-taking abilities
Creepy skull, funny statues, selfie-time on the bridge (up 120-ish tiny spiraling stairs), and DAT VIEW DOH.
Massive organ (1 of 3), see-through flooring, hidden swastikas, and Jesus being kissed

20 September 2016

Siena sunset, mozzys bites from hell, and first pics of the duomo in Siena

18 September 2016

Tried to draw the leaning tower... But got bored and had WATERMELON instead 😂
The leaning tower and its constant crowd of posing tourists xx

17 September 2016

Hostel Pisa, mural wall, pretty buildings.

16 September 2016

Wine tour and tasting at Poggio al Bosco, in Chianti.

15 September 2016

Ostello del Chianti, Tavarnelle Val di Pesa.

13 September 2016

Michelangelo's David. Don't blink.
Sunset at the piazzetto Michelangelo
Uffizzi pt 2 x
Inside the Uffizzi x
Roof of the duomo and the ponte vecchio at night

11 September 2016

Firenze. Boboli gardens. Homemade pasta dinner with Heather x

8 September 2016

Sunset vernassa/riomaggiore

7 September 2016

Day 2 cinque terre

6 September 2016

Last night in Milan, and first day in cinque terre x
Duomo Milano
Duomo milano
Milan in the morning