Taiwan · 21 Days · 19 Moments · September 2016

M Natanael

Family trip Taiwan & Japan + DXB 2016

5 days ago

We come to the end of our special holiday

7 days ago

Enjoying last day in Dubai

8 days ago

Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain

9 days ago

Dubai... Jumeirah beach wz Burj al Arab, Mall of Emirates, Atlantis City

10 October 2016

Day trip to Nagano

8 October 2016

Kanamura, Yokohama ( Ramen museum )

6 October 2016

Day trip to Nikko

5 October 2016

Go further to Tokyo, having Okonomiyaki as dinner

4 October 2016

Osaka day2, ramen and closed with b-day dinner 4 paps

3 October 2016

Next stop: Osaka

2 October 2016

Taiwan National Museum, too hot to be outside 😋

1 October 2016

Ba'oan temple, Taipei 101
Another photo @ C.S.K Memorial Hall and then go to Shilin night market
Heading back to TPE wz HSR in 2.5 hrs, apartment in TPE and see C.S.K Memorial Hall

29 September 2016

Then heading back to Tainan for dinner and visit night market, dare to taste stinky tofu
Start with xiao long bao, then to Fonguangshiang

28 September 2016

Heading Kaoshiung, drop by Changhua and Tainan.

26 September 2016

Small round trip North Taiwan

24 September 2016

Our journey start with enjoying comfort class trip