Italy · 30 Days · 6 Moments · September 2016

Misa Maruyama

Misa's voyage in Italy

2 October 2016

Italian cuisine is never wrong. This trip made me absolute fat. But I don't care! All things in Italy is eating! It was such an amazing experiences to eat home cooking at Stefania's place. Italian ate a lot more than I expected and took more time for eating. My eating habits were going crazy. But it means they really do love eating with their family, friends and lovers. However Italian cuisine is familiar in Japan, it was delicious at native place. My favorite one is mandarin oranges. I wish I could bring back to Japan.....Stefania also provided us Italian cuisine when we were in Bordeaux. Every cuisine was amazing. One day, I wanna be great cooker like Stefania!

2 September 2016

This trip was worst ever because of fucking