Nicaragua · 3 Days · 5 Moments · August 2016

Margaux Schuster

Margaux's odyssey through Nicaragua

13 August 2016

Relax in Las Peñitas 🇳🇮 The surf is really not good because of a strong current. I took a lesson and it was the worst ever, I have catched no wave and broke my leash ! Lunch at Barca de Oro, nice spot held by a French guy 🍽 Help the French student to paint the school for the children 💙

12 August 2016

Next stop --> Las Peñitas 🌊 Hotelito Oasis is 👌🏼 The staff is so nice, held by two ladies and their kids. The room is spacious and cheap, and the view on the beach is a dream ☀️ The gallo pinto breakfast is much better then the toasts 🍛

11 August 2016

Leon's Cathedral ⛪️
Volcano boarding ! 🌋 Thanks to Big Foot Hostel, we had an amazing time climbing and then boarding the active volcano, Cerro Negro 🙈 For 30 US$, it is really worth it :)

10 August 2016

Just arrived in León : Amazing sushis in Manhattan Restaurant 🍣 ❌ Scorpio in Malinche Hotel, had to change quickly ...