Australia · 12 Days · 37 Moments · July 2016

Madison Miller

Madison's odyssey through Australia

9 August 2016

Oh the movie was called a few best men
go shower for dinner. My hair was in a legit rats nest I had dreadlocks it was so gross. Then we went to this place called bamboo where I got this awesome sashimi. There was this family next to us that we met later and they seemed cool then. Then we walked to the spa gift shop where we met this really cool guy from Fiji who gave us literally a million free Popsicles and cards and we bought hats. Then we went back to the room and watched this awesome movie about this guy who was getting married in Australia who brought his best friends from England and it was HILARIOJS but mom was appalled by it because it was so bad.
chicken wraps, cheese plates, the BEST cantaloupe and blueberries ever, vegetables, and desserts. Then we went to get ready for our second dive. It was in this place called Billy's secret hole. I have never seen anything more gorgeous in my entire life. We went under and at first it was all sand, then we wandered around the coral for an hour. There were fish in anenomes and coral, sponges, giant clam, massive schools of fish, the biggest manta ray ever, heart shaped shells, etc. Our guide, Alex, was soooo cute and Annelise was obsessed with him, but he was my scuba buddy and showed me so many cool things like the ray and sharks and many different shapes of coral and these purple sea urchins that when you touch them they go into the coral. Haha I'm really clueless so it was very helpful. Then we went back on the boat and whale watching. One what came literally 20 feet from the boat and they were so cool!!! Then we went back to the hotel and I tanned for a while and read until I had to

3 August 2016

The next day we woke up and went to eat breakfast at Pacifica, the hotels restaurant for breakfast. Then we went to the marina and got our scuba diving gear. Then we got on the boat and drove there. We saw tons of whales! Even the captain said it was a super wavy day and I got so sea sick. This guy Sam on the crew told me though that you have to cool yourself down so he put a bunch of ice cubes on me and I didn't throw up! Our cab driver had also said to put a tissue in ur left ear and that worked surprisingly well too. Then we got to our first diving spot. We went to the outer reef and dove there first. It was INCREDABLE. We were diving on this wall and it was just Coral everywhere in every color possible. There were so many fish and sea anemones and even tiny reef sharks too. The current was very strong and the water was super pretty dark blue. The visibility was medium because of the kelp. Then we came back up and went on the boat for a picnic lunch which was so good. There were
The next day we woke up and went to the zoo, where we had our koala holding experience. We ate breakfast, then we got to hold these adorable koalas!!! They were so cute but Annelise was holding the baby and it scratched her shoulder. Then we went around the zoo and looked at the kangaroos, dingos, the huge alligator, wombats, etc. they even had the most dangerous bird in Australia!!! Then we went down to the marina where I got a bathing suit then back up to the hotel to get our bags. Then we went down to the airport and flew in a water plane to the one and only resort on Hayman island!!! The water plane was awesome!!! When we got there I went to the pool and read my summer reading book the oddesy after we ate lunch. I had a Mediterranean salad with grilled chicken for lunch. It was such a chill day and the pool was sooooo pretty. Then I showered and we went to dinner at the Italian restaurant. After that we went to sleep in the awesome rooms. I love that hotel so much it's so cool
We got to Hamilton Island in the afternoon and I went to our hotel balcony and forced myself to finish reading my 428 page junior research book. Then we went down to the harbor and did a sunset cruise where we saw TONS of whales. Then we went to dinner at this really cute place by the marina where I got salmon and then went back up to our hotel, the Reef View Hotel, which was kind of gross, and then went to sleep.

1 August 2016

31 July 2016

31 July 2016

Billy the swan. There were 2 swans and billy was the mean one who pooped literally everywhere

30 July 2016