Australia · 250 Days · 121 Moments · February 2016

Kara Luff

Kara's voyage in Australia


How are we leaving her in less than two days 😢 xkx
This is happening xkx
Leaving snacks... maybe brick was expecting more people xkx

2 days ago

2 hours away.... turbulence was pretty hectic for the first few hours. Feels good now tho xkx

10 days ago

Lewis is flying the rest of the way xkx
Left home 27 hours ago... one flight left xkx
11 hours down, 16 to go xkx

12 October 2016

Mr serious xkx
Doing It in style xkx
All the planning.... it's finally here xkx
This is gonna be insane xkx

11 October 2016

Delicious (sorry Steve) xkx

10 October 2016

Stop six xkx
Stop five xkx
Stop four xkx
Stop three xkx
Stop two xkx
Stop one xkx

9 October 2016

On the Melbourne wheel xkx
Watching the sun rise xkx

7 October 2016

Fake tan anyone xkx
Drinkies xkx
Starting were we began xkx

5 October 2016

Date night xkx

22 September 2016

Come dine with me part one xkx

21 September 2016

Not sure who's gonna miss who more!? xkx

12 September 2016

Look at the love xkx

11 September 2016

Little foot soak xkx
Hill top pool... What a view xkx
Hot springs xkx

10 September 2016

Lion face xkx
Great day out hiking xkx

7 September 2016

Sparkling and fish! My fav xkx

3 September 2016

Date night xkx

31 August 2016

Lewis eying up his new mask xkx
One man band xkx
Night market xkx

27 August 2016

This is required xkx
Great day xkx
Lewis trying to find our route xkx
We're coming for ya xkx
Doing the snow stuff xkx
Back in 'suzie' xkx

26 August 2016

This is how we role xkx
Just got to Mansfield and chilling before we hit the slopes tomorrow xkx
So much hair xkx
This is happening xkx
Pamper day xkx

30 July 2016

Colm and yaya having some last minute cuddles xkx

27 July 2016

Oddly biddy with the house mates before Colm leaves 😢 xkx

3 July 2016

Heard about these buggers xkx
Sunday session xkx

28 June 2016

Go away, I'm sleeping xkx

26 June 2016

Slob life xkx
Cheeky monkeys xkx
Few more animals xkx
Giraffes xkx
Zebras xkx
Baboon grooming xkx
Not sure what's going on here xkx
Water dragon xkx
Star tortoise and family xkx
Sleeping lions xkx
Seals xkx
Australian pelican xkx
Day out xkx

22 June 2016

Had to let him win once xkx
Unlucky xkx
Date night xkx

11 June 2016

They're not joking when they say they'll tow you away! xkx
Lewis is really wracking up the tickets xkx
Just how I wanted to spend my day off xkx

1 June 2016

Home made naan bread for dinner xkx

22 May 2016

Who says he's not romantic xkx

21 May 2016

Someone is drunk xkx
This is happening! xkx

7 May 2016

Reliving Thailand xkx

3 May 2016

Meet ya ya xkx

29 April 2016

Tequila?! xkx
Lewis didn't realise he was ordering tequila xkx
All you can eat tacos xkx

24 April 2016

My new bike xkx

23 April 2016

Date night, so close to winning xkx

5 April 2016

More comedy xkx

3 April 2016

More comedy xkx

1 April 2016

Ausie rules xkx

29 March 2016

Moving day! xkx

22 March 2016

Working out is so much easier when you do it in this xkx

19 March 2016

Tourist stuff!! xkx

16 March 2016

Lewis off for his first day of real work xkx

13 March 2016

Three months since m last glass! This is gonna be good xkx

9 March 2016

Dinner time xkx

8 March 2016

Hot shower, make up, hair straighteners, big clippers little clippers and we're hot to trot xkx
Our view for the nxt week xkx

5 March 2016

And we're done xkx
Lewis being all manly! Grrrrr xkx

4 March 2016

Loving the life xkx

2 March 2016

This is our happy face xkx
Totally worth the climb xkx
Early morning climb ckx

1 March 2016

Back where we belong xkx

28 February 2016

Lewis has a little friend xkx

25 February 2016

Roos xkx
Now we are talking xkx
Just fell upon this little winery xkx
Breakfast a la Lewis xkx

23 February 2016

Ghee whizz it's hot!!!! xkx
On the road again xkx

22 February 2016

Lunch time xkx

21 February 2016

Apparently this is acceptable! xkx
Living the dream! xkx

20 February 2016

Setting up home xkx
Say hello to suzi... Our new home for the nxt 6 months xkx

19 February 2016

Lewis is less than happy about the state of our hostel! I don't blame him xkx
Big enough Sara? xkx

18 February 2016

Been too long xkx
Nearly home xkx

16 February 2016

First proper cider in 10 weeks xkx