India · 12 Days · 29 Moments · August 2016

Aaron Davies

Hari's & Aaron's family wedding in India

29 August 2016

Playing cards in Chennai airport - half 3 in the morning but happy as we have been upgraded to club world for the journey home

28 August 2016

Last day in Chennai spent taking full advantage of the hotel facilities - the gym, the spa, the bar and the restaurant - heartily enjoyed it all and ending the trip nicely relaxed.

27 August 2016

Beer and scrabble in the hotel
We ordered way too much food here - see Aaron's progression from the third main course arriving to clearing his plate :-)
Auto rickshaw ride around Pondy!

26 August 2016

Tamil town in Pondicherry. Lovely architecture and leafy streets

25 August 2016

Dinner out - with terrible home grown fizzy wine.
Buying a momento for home - not antique but pre loved and still lovely
Elephant at the temple - blessing visitors for coins and treats
Out for a run in the early morning

24 August 2016

A typical Indian holiday pic? a sacred cow eating plants outside of a police station...

23 August 2016

Five Rathas at Mamallapuram - amazing statues all carved out of single large stones...
The Shore temple at Mamallapuram - recovered from the sea and immaculately preserved
Madras Crocodile Bank - hundreds of crocs all waiting for a tourist to stumble in

22 August 2016

Driving through the streets of Chennai is like watching theatre, nothing is still, there's an energy and life you just don't see at street level in Europe. It also resembles something between a roller coaster ride and a computer game.

21 August 2016

Me, my brothers and my new sister in law at the wedding
Evening wedding reception!
Wedding ceremony (at 7:30am) involved fire, bondage, gold, rice throwing and cake. Then was followed by music from acclaimed PhD students and dancing

20 August 2016

A visit to Fort St George and the accompanying museum
The morning after the Mehendi before...

19 August 2016

Henna for the wedding at the Mehendi
View from the hotel...
The first 24 hours in Chennai involved a quick restorative snooze; an immense buffet lunch with a whole selection of wonderfully spicy and different food, from paneer stuffed okra to a dish based on coconut and lentils; tea at the soon-to-be extended family; a playful labrador; an exhaustive trawl through sari and suit shops; and finally a wonderful Marsala dosa. It was a fun introduction to chilled out Tamil city life. None of the extreme poverty and desperation of parts of Delhi.

18 August 2016

How they make saree material...
Day one: food and shopping.
Lunch at the hotel - they just keep bringing us more food!
Sunrise over Chennai

17 August 2016

Bubbly wine for takeoff!
Stopping off for lunch at Gordon Ramsey's Plane Food at Heathrow T5 before our flight to Chennai