United States of America · 3 Days · 20 Moments · October 2016

Colleen Pollock

Colleen's trip to Las Vegas, NV, United St...

2 days ago

I bought a original Disney painted animation cell!!
We did get to meet Chumley!!
This is just a card board cut out....lol
We had to see where PAWN STARS were shot and see if the inside of the store was anything like the actual show and surprisingly it is!!
Stopped for lunch at a cute Mexican Restaurant...the enchiladas were very good but Spicy!!
Beautiful Red Rock!! Very warm drive....
Decided to get out of of Vegas for a road trip to Red Rock Canyon!!

3 days ago

Had an amazing dinner at the Bouchon Restaurant here at the Venetian! So......so......good
Walking down Las Vegas BLVD
M&M Shop!! Four floors....
Had lunch at the Harley Diner! We have the whole day to chill as THE ROLLING STONES cancelled their concert tonight!!! Mick got sick and I'm hoping they reschedule for Friday night? They haven't cancelled Saturday's concert yet....fingers crossed

4 days ago

Walked, walked and walked some more! Lots of people, hot weather, smokers smoking everywhere!! But I must say everyone is friendly and incredibly polite!
Randy playing the slot machine...I won 75.00 after playing 4 dollars! Cashed out immediately!!
Our suite at the Venetian!! Very pretty!
Our lunch/dinner! Can you believe that we ate a bun drenched in butter and garlic and we destroyed it!
View from our Hotel Room!
Very pretty! And SUNNY!!
Leaving Vancouver (Ugly Rain)! My partner in crime, who was trying to take my window seat!!
Little bit of a gong show... the kiosks and computer systems were down and they had to check us in manually...
We're waiting to board!!