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Sina Toni

Cipo's Urlaub in Italy


Santa Cesarea
And now we're in Otranto, when the wheater forecast is going to be true ... but many thanks to 6h delay ;) 🌧
Nice place and beach: Torre dell'Orso
Via Vecchia Lecce - Copertino, 20, 73010 Lequile LE, Italien

2 days ago

Next stop: Lecce
After the obligatory visit of a local barber, the Brindisi walking tour is ahead ...
Good morning after another rainy night ;)

3 days ago

Ostuni, have already seen "whiter" cities, but nevertheless still being impressiv
A so delicious lunch at a really tiny balcony with a great view towards the valley
Next stop: Locorotondo
Some more impressions ...
And now while sun is shining ;)
Walking with the dog in a non-touristic area and still having Trulli in view ;)

4 days ago

One "Trullo", many "Trulli" ;)
Inside the 1st hole ... in all others it's forbidden to take photos ...
Ready to go down the hole ...
View from vis-a-vis ... Belvedere
Beautiful location
Beautiful location
Enjoying Sassi di Matera
Good morning to all of you.

5 days ago

Altamura - a nice place to visit
Castel del Monte
Welcome to Bari
A new sunny day after a rainy evening ...

6 days ago

Stop over at Agriturismo Fasano ... to be recommended: Primitivo di Puglia :)
Olivi, Olivi, Olivi, ...
Bye, bye Vieste Beach
Morning has broken ...

7 days ago

Just taking a break ... middle of the road ...
What a wonderful Monday morning
Warm and friendly ...
Gorgeous - Walk-in shower outdoors ... yes, I know it's October already, but warm enough ;)

8 days ago

Guaita o Prima Torre
View towards Rimini & Adriac Sea
Arrivato da San Marino
Historic entrance of Rimini ... Tiberius Bridge
Tanti saluti da Rimini

9 days ago

Noch ein kurzer Abriss der Südtirol-Nord-Süd-Querung als Erinnerung.
One night in Rimini. A perfect stop-over ...
Bozen und die hängenden Weingärten. Das zarte Herbstfarbenspiel hat stellenweise schon begonnen.

13 October 2016

Bye, bye Bavaria ... next stop: somewhere in Italy ;)

1 January 1970

Straßenhindernisse der besonders schönen Art