United States of America · 138 Days · 32 Moments · October 2016

Bob Savage

Chillaxing in Massachusetts

7 days ago

Rear Window

10 days ago

A Winter Garden
The snow has stopped for now. Banks are shutdown. How long before looters hit Starbucks?

12 February 2017

Still snowing

9 February 2017

Still snowing
Snow is picking up now
The snow has just started

21 January 2017

Boston Common
Boston Women's March

8 January 2017

Morning after the first big snow storm of the year

7 January 2017

Lights of Christmas not yet faded reflect the fallen snow

25 December 2016

Merry Christmas, everybody

12 December 2016

First real snowfall

4 December 2016

Here lies the body of Cap. Eliakim Smith of Hadley d. 1775

3 December 2016

Time moves slowly in the Watertown Free Public Library's Local History room.

1 December 2016

Watertown, where the streets are paved with gold

26 November 2016

Christmas comes early 'round here

19 November 2016

Typical Fall morning

11 November 2016

Autumn Breeze

6 November 2016

Just another Autumnal Sunday

31 October 2016

Candy aplenty
Fall colors still evident

30 October 2016

The ghosts have already arrived.
Beware all ye who enter here
The West Junior High School - location of one of the worst periods of my life.

25 October 2016

The trees are getting bare. Winter is just around the corner.

22 October 2016

Ready for Halloween
Time to get the gutters cleaned

16 October 2016

An easy Sunday afternoon

15 October 2016


1 October 2016

Jackie and Sally on the docks in Watertown Square.