Italy · 3 Days · 10 Moments · October 2016

Bhairavi Rangarajan

Sorrento, Amalfi and Capri

6 days ago

Amalfi Coast -2 Didn't explore Positano much since the climb back up looked intimidating. Having already spent a major part of the trip walking and climbing, decided to enjoy the view from the top. If you want to explore beyond Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, take the bus heading to Salerno which passes through Minori, Maiori and other towns. I was looking for beaches on reaching Amalfi before realising that there are small strips of sandy area which comprises the beach 😄 That didn't stop visitors from swimming in the ocean though. Perhaps, if a second visit to Amalfi comes my way, will spend more time exploring the towns along the coastline.
Amalfi Coast -1 You can't get enough if the coastline view. Its massive and brilliant. A little while after leaving Sorrento, you can see various cliffs, houses built on then and the sheer coast dropping just below it. If I had know before what I know now, would have taken another SITA bus ride from Amalfi to Vetri-sul-mar (Salerno route) and back to complete the view. Ravello (one bus ride away) is worth a visit. Down in Amalfi, it was sunny while at Ravello up in the mountains, it was misty and cool. It is more serene and offers more greenery than the town below. Just don't go expecting a big beach though. There is a reason why people talk about the coastline and not the beaches :) If traveling by bus from Sorrento, best views are if you sit on the right side of the bus.
Capri Augustus Garden is worth a visit (entry 1€), if not for the garden itself then for view. There are benches where you can rest, enjoy the lovely view and soak up some sun on a windy day. You can stroll through the streets and check the numerous shopping options. Anacapri Quite a few viewing points and villas. The ones that we visited were Villa San Michelle (8€ ticket for museum and garden) and Mount Solarus. Mount Solarus offers fantastic panoramic view around Capri. There is a chair car access (11€ round trip ticket)from the base to top of Solarus and back. The ride of 10-13 mins offers a chance to admire brilliant blue hues of the ocean.
Capri Ferry is the only way to visit this island. There are many ferry companies operating at different time slots. When you book the tickets at a counter for return included, you can only pick return timing offered by that ferry company. So, you might want to check which one provides return timing close to your preference. Suggest that you reach the marina by 8:30-9:00 to be able to get enough time on Capri. If you want to cover Capri, Blue Grotto, Anacapri you might need more time. Within Capri, there is a small bus connecting Capri marina with the Capri centre and Anacapri. One way ticket is 1.80€ Ltd seats on the bus, hence you might have to stand or if its full, wait for another bus.
Amalfi Coast Sita buses are the best option to get around. The frequency is 20-30 mins and there is a timetable available. For 8€ you get a 24hrs ticket (to be validated on the first bus). From Sorrento station, bus leaves for Amalfi passing via Positano. From Amalfi you can take another bus to Ravello or towards Salerno. Tip: Sit on right side of the bus for fantastic views of Amalfi Coast. If you are returning to Sorrento, take the bus from Amalfi instead of Positano so that you get a seat on the bus and yes, try to get a seat on the left side of the bus this time :)

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Small stretch of beach in Amalfi
Amalfi coast and its towns

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Island of Capri

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Sorrento - view from the Marina
1. Limoncello- the famous drink/aperitif in Italy 2. Queen's Chips - french fries with a range of sauce options and size options to choose from. At 2.50€ for small serving, it was good enough to substitute for lunch. Wash it down with a drink 😀