United States of America · 2 Days · 39 Moments · August 2016

Berta C

Our First Philly Trip

21 August 2016

End of trip. Long queue for megabus at 30th street station
Amtrak (30th street station)
One Liberty place shopping centre. Bloomingdale outlet :)
So many Wells Fargo around as oppose to Citibank and chase
Trader Joe's on market street. Where Kombucha is 2.99 not 4.99 and they have the dried mandarin snack!
Philadelphia museum of art and the Rocky steps
The rocky statue. Queue to get a pic with it
Nearly reach the Rocky steps. Temporary summer festival - the Oval. At parkway museum district. A place for runners
Logan square. Massive roundabout. Many homeless in the 'park'
Bluestone lane (similar menu to NY) near rittenhouse square joint to the Warwick hotel. Tried the matcha latte, strong matcha flavour but milk not as good, they put honey too. Thr ice latte was good. Granola was yum too - nice lemon curd and yoghurt, I like the granola with no raisin :) yummy banana bread with ricotta too. Great portion
Another great coffee place at Washington square. Green street coffee co. House roast beans. They serve matcha latte and nitro coffee. Tempted to try those too. But got a flat white.

20 August 2016

City hall view at night on broad street
BYOB restaurant - little fish Byob. Located in the society hill district. Got a bottle of kendall jackson chardonnay 2014. West coast oysters are much creamier and nicer . East coast wasn't bad with the vinegar. Others - the portions were way too generous . Couldn't gone smaller with the 'sides' and cheaper in the prices. Overall salty. Especially octopus
South street. An interesting street with like sex shops, Philly cheesesteaks. Busy-ish.
The new market and head house in the old city district
Vietnam veteran memorial - much quieter than Washington's one
Independent seaport museum at Penn's Landing, waterfront area. Didn't go inside the museum but some interesting food stalls and game arcade and beer garden in the areas family friendly
Benjamin Franklin bridge. View at Penn's landing
Penn's Landing. Delaware river waterfront. The summerfest is on at the moment but nothing too special- just a lot of business marketing and Indian dancing
Capogiro gelato artisans on east passyunk Ave next to Townsend . Slightly on the sweet side. Tried Chocolate with caramel and choc chip flavors
Walked Back to East passyunk district - top 10 foodie st in America
Authentic viet place in the middle of nowhere ? South of philly. Best viet in philly as per foursquare. Vermicelli salad with beef wrapped in grape leaves. Lemongrass is probably nicer. This is on the blend side and need the fish sauce
Independence hall opposite the liberty bell
Liberty bell - symbol of freedom. Anti slavery, women's Liberty. In the independence national historic park. Free entrance
Independence hall visitor centre. Gift shop. Got my first historic penny!
First stop in old city district. Declaration house. Thomas Jefferson signed the declaration.
Chinatown. One street with bubble teas , eateries..
Reading market terminal. Convention centre district. Large indoor space that sell a range of raw and cooked food, local to international.
City hall view- taken from south board street
Breakfast at elixr in the city center. Great coffee taste. House toast beans. Cheaper than NY

19 August 2016

Checked into our Airbnb place. 1329 Lombard Street in the Washington square district.Apt 505. 'Bohemian' minimal or untidy ? Location is nice. Lift was a bit weird - like a goods lift. Former American baptism publication society (warehouse style)
Dinner at Townsend at the East passyunk avenue district (Bella vista). French. Decided to go did the tasting menu. Ceviche type of fish with jalapeño, tempura zucchini flower, sea bass in a green sauce and chicken and lamb roulade. Berries crepe for dessert . First course was my fave. Also had their recommended rose. Ok.. Thought a bit too bold/heavy after awhile.
On the way to philly in hired car. Stopping by jersey shore - Bradley beach. 1.5 south from NYC. Joey's work's family day. Good weather and definitely not humid like NY! Usually &8 to buy a Beach pass though !