Portugal · 38 Days · 122 Moments · September 2016

Franz Metz

VB in Lisbõa/Paris/Ibiza/Wien/Volos/Ctown/BA

2 days ago

Panthera African Wildcat Sanctuary

3 days ago

Sunday in CT. very lazy day. took the yellow route on the red bus.

4 days ago

Cape West tour 3, Cape point vineyard, the 12 Apostles, view over Camps Bay & Lionhead
Cape West tour 2, Cape Point & Cape of good Hope
Lucky and Lost then dinner at Miller's Thumb bc Hallelujah was closed.
Cape West tour 1
more Lucky and Lost
Mean Girls
lost and lucky tour

5 days ago


6 days ago

these baby cheetahs are for my three year old niece, my two year old godson, and my 36 year old wife...
more cheetah et al.
Cheetah Outreach, and yes there's a cheetah walking by a turtle and there was no doubt who would win a race.

7 days ago

Clifton (where we lost each other, somehow down a one way path) and once again at Camp's.

8 days ago

Tiger's Milk and then Izakaya
more shark

9 days ago

Great White Sharks in Gansbaai. surprisingly calm. they don't agitate the Sharks with live bait so they come in with graceful swoops. mostly, it was damn cold.
dinner at Sevruga
Robben, cont'd
Robben Island. quite powerful. our tour guide was a former political prisoner for 10 years. he was tortured and his father was killed by the gov't the eve before he was going to visit his son for the first time since his imprisonment. Mandela was in cell block B. all were in a 2x2 meter cells with a blanket and a pot to mess in.
Robben Island continued

10 days ago

Klooft Street "yours truly" bar
Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

15 October 2016

Ryan's Kitchen in Franschhoek
Haute Cabrière in Franschhoek

14 October 2016

Camps bay
at Camps Bay
Camps Bay

13 October 2016

more from day 1 in CT. selfie at sunset followed by drinks and snacks at Rockpool.
table mountain. it was about a 90-105 min hike and V did it in ballerina flats! and once she got to the top, she got a call from her Austrian bank that they were closing her account because Bank of Austria... and a sculpture of a shark jus cos...

12 October 2016

14 hours of fun from Thessaloniki to Istanbul and finally Cape Town. Prosting! at V&A Harbor.

11 October 2016

bye Greece :( had a wonderful time with our friends, Kerasia and Agelos. missed Yanna though, as she was sick. bye till next time.
more Volos

10 October 2016

Dinner at Cardemom at Mt Makrinitsa. I had the "lamb" (goat neck), and Agylos and Kerasia were stalked by a katze. V ordered an awesome modern Greek salad with figs, pine cones, pomegranate seeds with an interesting balsamic and honey (with vinegar?) dressing. V lovers that so many cats wee around. then she burned one with her cig.
more Volos

9 October 2016

more from Pelion and from the previous day, including Mt Olympus.
Mount Pelion with V, K, & Agelos. This is where the centaurs are allegedly from. V had an awesome mastica cocktail. we had a lovely dinner at Hotel Kritsa.

7 October 2016

Verena's bday at The Room at Sofiensäle
Bday cake!! awesome Schockotorte from Meierei with whipped cream and prosecco.
with Elisabeth in Gaaden, her hometown.
Verena's bday at midnight!

5 October 2016

V-day continued
Verena's family b-day dinner at Zum Finsteren Stern
Milchrahmstrudel mit Vanillesauce in Perchtoldsdorf beim Heiner (Konditorei)

3 October 2016

Zoki by Jana
Buchy's bday. we had salt-crusted Bronzino with a special Serbian salad and roasted vegetables followed by gibazina, although with apricot jam, not sour cream. delicious!!

2 October 2016

back in Vienna on 10/1. lunch on day 2 at Hexensitz, the Witch's Seat.

30 September 2016

Last day in Ibiza.
Cala Bassa y Café Piraña and one last Pacha shot
Cala Tarifa, Port d'Es Torrent, Eivissa

29 September 2016

28/9: Cala Tarifa then dinner before Pacha.

27 September 2016

27-28/9: arrived late in Ibiza. spent the morning at the pool, Verena doing yoga, me an impression of a seal reading the newspaper. then we went to Iveissa to finally eat at 18:30, eating Mex food at La Lupita and after dinner drinks at Can Pou Bar, allegedly the oldest cafe in Iveissa.
27/9: goodbye lunch with Ina and Antoine.
27/9: last night in Paris with Ina and Tony. dinner at La Panfoulie and then drinks at Résistance (again; they had Monkey 47 and are super nice).

26 September 2016

27/9: Centre Pompidou
26/9 walking through Paris toward Pompidou
Lundi 26/9: Véronique, La Tour Eiffel, Trocadéro, and Ave. Kléber ;)

25 September 2016

Post-post-baptism drinks at Résistance in Marais and later at Prescription Club in St Germain des près.
Le Baptisme du Anne-Charlotte, Part Deux
Le Baptisme du Anne-Charlotte, Part Un

24 September 2016

Lazy Saturday starting in Montmartre, ending in Marais 💗
By Centre Pompidou after walking down from Monmartre.
more 9/24
more 9/24
French 75 and and Viennese 80
more (still) 9/24
Saturday 9/24.
Dinner at La Coupole with Ina, Antoine, Celine, Marc, Laurent, Veronique, Mary, and Panagiotis:)

23 September 2016

La Coupole: Part III (the one we struggled to like until we were too bored to give a shit)
La Coupole: Part II (the confusing but awesome one)
La Coupole: Part I
Starting off our Friday with breakfast (at 1 pm), then a visit to Ina so she and V can get their nails done.
Dinner with Ina & Antoine. we had amazing cheeses, weckerl-like bread, an awesome saumon fumée and emmanteler cheese quiche, Viogner wine topped off with 100yo and 257yo cognacs. the 257yo has bits of real Napoléon Bonaparte in it, so you know it's good.

22 September 2016

Finally in Paris. extra early arrival so killing time before 14:00 check in. there's Verena at the Jardín du Luxembourg. And Barney;)

21 September 2016

Last day in Lisbon - Baixa and train to Estoril. In the evening, back to Cais do Sodre for Lobster at Ibo
last dinner in Lisbon, at Ibo, eating Fritzy, a 4 kg rock lobster, while watching La Liga, with Ronaldo and Messi playing back-to-back.
Estoril, famous seaside town for the bougey noblesse. Apparently the Hotel Palácio and Casino Estoril inspired "Casino Royale."
Morning in downtown Lisbon. Calamari (pig anus) was on the menu!

20 September 2016

Fado night in Alfama, Lisbon
Em Alfama de novo... Our love to the French middle aged couple who kept trading jokes and cellphone photos, right in front of the singers, and who were *shushed* repeatedly, without much effect. #shameless. #frognoxious. Plus some choice graff, apparently local editorials on Fado music. (Get off my lawn, damn kids!)
Main square
small harbor where lame boats were fixed.
By the pier where the booty was unloaded and sold.
Stroll through Bairro Alto, ferry to Alameda to visit the Christo Rei Statute
Cacilhas on our way to the "Christ of Jealousy." We only got shots of his booty; should've checked when the park closes :-/ great shots of the sunset on Rio Tejo on the way back.
From Bairro Alto down to the Museo de farmácia overlooking Rio Tejo. Interesting tile work and graffiti, a not so subtle WWE themed party ad (the guy's package looks like a pony's leg), a fancy "sauna" outside of which a guy was sleeping in a cardboard box, and then views.
Verena is a giant in Lisbon...
the best place for nata in Lisbon. don't know if it's the best, but damn good.
Igreja de São Roque: made to look very humble from the outside to obscure the shit ton of gold inside taken from the colonies. located in Bairro Alto.
Little hole in the wall that ended up being pretty damned good. got lured in by the fresh bread smell; stayed in for the great food and dingy maritime ambience.

19 September 2016

Verena makes them open 3 wine bottles...
"Genograms and brothels night" in Lisbon. also, Tini may have another career we don't know about.
Verena finds out that the Austraian Embassy has located her distant family in BAires.
little known fact, the Portuguese take their Gin and Tonic seriously. 16 varieties of gin in some tiny marina bar in Cascais, including Monkey 47
Cascais. we forgot to bring swimwear :-/
After the Tuktuk tour with many good views on the city, we had lunch at the Time Out (really; but it was good) food market in Lisbon and then took the train to a relaxed afternoon in Cascais
Ancient palace built in 1500's and rebuilt in 1800's. Now its parliament.
View of the Eastern hills from the west. Lisboa like Rome, Rio is built on 7 hills... the wolves were spared.
Avant garde photo or messed up, inept attempt at a panoramic?
Ancient wall protecting moorish city from encroaching Christians in C13 and 14.
Museum of Fado in Alfama
(Maybe) Ancient cathedral built over a mosque. interesting contrasts between the old city and newer parts. old city had narrow, winding streets, making it hard for conquering armies to invade. (that and the wall around it, which at the time worked, except for the 'siege' part.) newer parts of the city have straight roads because: 1) easier for crowd control (just block the front and back) and 2) we developed guns and they're not so effective in our present reality where objects with mass appear to adhere Newtonian physics (I.e, they seem to go in straight lines so not effective for self defense when you have winding streets). so, it appears that walls and winding streets are vestigial, imbecilic modes of self defense nowadays... but I doubt Mexicans will figure ways around walls. #tunnel #ladder #submarine_if_youre_a_drug_dealer
view of the city from the highest point in Lisbon, I think. Near the Sun Door and the ancient Cathedral.
View of the city from the east by the Igreja de Graça. the bridge in the back that looks like the Golden Gate, there's a reason - built by the same company. also, the trolley cars in Lisbon were made by the co. that made the ones in SF. however, Lisbon did beat SF in one thing: their biggest earthquake (1755?) destroyed 90% of the city and killed an estimated 50% of the population. but, SF still has "The Big One" to look forward to, so who knows.

18 September 2016

Fado show in Alfama. The singer had a powerful voice. "Amour pour caridade não quero."
Raining in Munich; waiting for the connecting flight to Lisbon
V and B putzing around the Lisbon harbor.
Portugal from the plane
B: at terminal 5 waiting on TAP Flug to Lisbōa. Said goodbye to all our people, for now. I'm excited. latress on the menjay!! V: El Barcelona cocktail meets el Verdejo wine - prost!
Damn right!

17 September 2016

last night in the lower east side.
Last Night in NY - Lower East Side meet up with Jennifer, Edison, Ricky and T. Last Day in NY- Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island visit