Australia · 3 Days · 12 Moments · September 2016

Annice Orwin

Annice's adventure in Australia

25 September 2016

Took myself out on a date at toros darling harbour good food great company lol mark off the bucket list
Ravi and I will remain friends and I'm cool with that 😊
Not sure how I feel about Ravi I think we can still be friends and I'm fine with that see what happens tomorrow

24 September 2016

Lucky it still works lol covered in salt!
Breakfast day 2 reminds me of Europe

23 September 2016

Catalan dessert
Tick it off my bucket list take myself out on a solo date at Toros tapas and bar
Ibis darling harbour
Float tank on Oxford street 90 min instead of 75 ☺️
Berkelouw bookshop
Flying tiger air to Sydney