Italy · 3 Days · 18 Moments · October 2016


Spending our last day walking to the different plazas and seeing the buildings you might not find in your typical tour of Rome. We are loving it!
Trevi Fountain

2 days ago

After visiting the Vatican we wondered off to find some pre-dinner drinks. On our way we found another beautiful church and a square filled with performers and very cute restaurants.
St. Peter's Basilica! Wow this place was huge and amazing! Had to wait in line for about 45 minutes but it was so worth it.
The Vatican Museum
Took a nice walk and explored the churches we found along the way before heading to Vatican City!

3 days ago

Inside the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiori
Selfies at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiori
Basilica Di San Pietro in Vincoli
Took an afternoon break and Garrett found just the chair for him!
The Roman Forum
Arch of Constantine
Driving through Pompeii this morning. What a crazy site so see the still very active Mount Vesuvius lurking over the town and filling it with haze. Really cool, but kind of scary!

4 days ago

Cheers to an amazing sunset and a great end to our first day in Italy. Tomorrow we will drive back to Rome and begin exploring!
Enjoying some sweets on the Amalfi Coast!
After a crazy drive we arrived at the Amalfi Coast in the town of Positano. It is stunning here! We could not stop snapping pictures of this beautiful and colourful coastal town. The streets where windy and filled with great shops and restaurants. We stayed the night in a neighbouring town.