journi's Story

Too often did we want to share a special insight about our past trips and recommend a certain dish, the perfect wave or the best way to get to an awesome lookout point - but just couldn’t think of the necessary details and information to share this valuable information with friends or fellow travelers. With journi we developed an app that helps you log your travels in all fascinating details for yourself and for your friends. We want to make it possible to have all your "journis" right there in your pocket.


Current Openings

We put travelers first.

We want to help travelers to get lost in the moment, but still remember all breathtaking travel experiences by having their travel journals right there in the pocket at all times.

Stefan Raffeiner

We cook.

Not always well, but we do!

Carina Wetzlhütter
Christian Papauschek
Andreas Roettl

We travel.

With that many different interests, as a whole team we have pretty much seen (or fantasized about) the whole world by now.

Bianca Busetti

We love our work.

Maps, mockups, reaching out to users, converting fellow travelers to signups. We live and breath what we work on.

Sektor5 Vienna
Sektor5 Vienna

The Team

And these are the people who forgot too many moments and lost too many travel memories and therefore decided to make travel journaling amazingly easy and fun for everybody:

Andreas Röttl


Christian Papauschek


Bianca Busetti



Open Positions

Senior iOS Developer

Android Developer

Digital Marketing Manager