Australia, Indonesia · 5 Days · 6 Moments · December 2017

Zoe’s Bali Experience Journal

4 January 2018

Today in the morning we went to cooking class for orientation week and we also are going to do Language class as well this afternoon We enjoyed Bahasa language class and I think then we get our painting back and before we just went to get a ice cream with Chad

3 January 2018

Day three Today we went to the canteen in the morning and ate our breakfast Then we went to the pool at the hotel called mansion. And in the arfternoon at 12: oo we went to a cafe instead of the canteen at the cafe I had a club burger and a vanilla milkshake also in the morning we did some Batik wax art and at lunch time 2:00 we went to our Bahasa language class and then I watched YouTube and went to bed

1 January 2018

Tonight we went to a traditional balnise dance at the end of that someone walked on fire and burnt his feet so I gave him a 10 000 rupiah donation
Day 2 Today we went to three different places one was the balanise old kings palace. All of his things are there that he used like temples musical instruments. The second thing is the markets at the markets there was traditional and modern stuff. And I bought these little surf boards which are key rings and 2 packs of little key ring thongs. And the third thing was going to the monkey park and at the monkey park there was a monkey sitting on the gate and fell off. There was also a lot of monkey fights happening. And on the way home we caught a cab but before that we all chose a drink from minimart. Then we went back to our village from the canteen. Also on the way back because it was so rainy we went to a different minimart and we brought raincoats there were 2 greens 2 blues and 1 red raincoat. I used the blue one so I didn't get wet.

31 December 2017

My 3 and a half week holiday in Bali Day 1 Right now I am nearly at Bali . I am going with mum Chad Tyson and Cooper. We are flying on the aeroplane type AirAsia. My seat is d zone 2. For my food and drink I had chicken and onion noodles and I also had a very very hot milo that burnt my tongue. In Bali we are going to work at kindy as volunteers except Chad and Tyson are building with an older grade. We are volunteering for 2 weeks and we get to go and do what ever we want for a week and for the 2 weeks we’re volunteering for we’re staying at a village where some Indonesians live. I think that Indonesians are very kind and very caring to other people. I think now we are about half an hour away from bali. And also Cooper and Tyson are not shushing. Now it is night time because I didn’t write for a while. Anyway now mum is still working a little bit of unpacking the suitcases . The driver who picked us up is called Dodn he is very kind to us. Our room is called dolphin 1