Netherlands · 3 Days · 7 Moments · January 2017

Zoe's adventure in Amstelveen, Netherlands

2 February 2017

After walking around for what felt like forever! We finally got to go on a boat tour. Here they served us apple pie and coffee. Afterwards, Josh, Sheena, Connor, Charlie and I stayed and went thrift shopping
Inside the shopping mall that also is home to apartments! Did you know- you can actually rent out the the cube houses for a day??
More from Rotterdam.
These are the beginning pictures of our day trip to Rotterdam!

1 February 2017

Went with the Semester in Amsterdam students on a walking tour of the red light district. Afterwards, we went to a refurbished pub where I split a traditional Dutch meal with Sheena. Afterwards, a couple of us went to the oldest gay bar in Amsterdam. Here they have us two free drinks, where in which I got drunk. Oh goody!

31 January 2017

Day 2: orientation in the morning with fellow IES and VU students. Took the metro to the downtown center. (Still need to figure out the train system). Went to the Hilton to have rooftop drinks with the Semester in Amsterdam students. Then Flor took us ice skating with the IES uVA group. After freezing out butts off, we walked to the Baazar Greek restaurant, where part of the ceiling fell. Ate with Sheena and 3 other IES uVA students. After dinner, went with 10 other kids from the group to find a bar. After an extremely rude encounter with the bar keep, we set out to find our way home. Of course we got lost, but all got back safe and sound.
First day: morning run to the VU