Europe, Asia · 12 Days · 30 Moments · August 2016

Zenna & Seb's honeymoon

13 August 2016

La vue au petit dej;)

12 August 2016

M-Lounge, Shangri La! All good!

10 August 2016

More views from the island including the highest point in Maldives! A full 5.1m above sea level!

9 August 2016

Je voulais pas vous rendre jaloux mais en! Fini le tourisme au Sri Lanka bonjour la détente aux Maldives!
Just uploading some pics whilst flying over the Maldives. Pictures don't do it justice. It was pretty spectacular 🌍☀️

8 August 2016

Our last night in Sri Lanka spent at a highly recommended restaurant The Gallery Cafe. Excellent food, quality service 👌
Hatha Yoga in the Forest
Nothing like a healthy breakfast and a gorgeous view to wake you up on a Monday morning

7 August 2016

We sure love the Sri Lanka food! This was at our lovely boutique hotel Stonehouse Lodge in Kandy. 👍🏽
We visited the beautiful Temple of the Tooth today. We offered our lotus flowers and said thank you to the Buddha's.
The botanical garden of Kandy
Zenna in sari!

6 August 2016

Waterfalls escape before lunch.
Visit to the tea factory. There are no more tea secrets for us. We are now tea connoisseurs.

5 August 2016

On est arrivé ds les montagnes! Tente en plein milieu d'une plantation de thé!
Le temple d'or de Dambulla! Des Buddhas, des peintures aux couleurs naturelles et des singes!
This morning's coffee is at the swiming pool because there's a traditional wedding in the restaurant ;)

4 August 2016

Zenna donne un bain et a manger a l'elephant!
We also had some great tradional food in the middle of a rice field for lunch!
Today is Polonnaruwa by bike! Reaaaalllly hot but beautiful!
This traditional Sri Lankan breakfast!!

3 August 2016

Our first try of some traditional Sri Lankan food! C'est bon!
Visite de Sigiriya. This morning we visited the wonderful Sigiriya. A huge rock with 2,700 steps.
Petit café du matin! Vue sur le lac!
Coming in to Land

2 August 2016

Oh yes it's hot!
Leaving the rain 👎🏾
He is ready to go
About to take off to Sri Lanka.