Denmark · 9 Days · 15 Moments · April 2017

Zane's adventure in Denmark

30 April 2017

After a 12 hour flight, and now on a 3 hour bus ride, we're back in the US! And so concludes the first adventure of our hero in Europe.

29 April 2017

Our last day in Denmark wasn't too eventful. My host, Markus, was having a birthday party with his German relatives, so I met up with Johannes and Dante and had a pretty uneventful day until about dinnertime. Dinner was pork and potatoes (yum) and then Johannes had a bunch of friends come over. I always like meeting people who aren't afraid to speak to me first, so I had a really good time speaking to these Danes. Unfortunately, we had to leave early, and are now on the bus looking forward to about 18 solid hours of travel. Oy vey...

28 April 2017

This is the first of the photo dumps. Friday, the last day planned by SBC, we visited Arhus (arr-hoos), specifically the museum ARoS and the old town. ARoS was so fascinating! From the rainbow walk at the top of the (10 story) building, to the "9 Spaces" exhibit at the bottom. One of the museum's most famous attractions, the 'Boy' (in later photos) was very interesting, with my interpretation being that he was very scared. But even the art, which isn't usually something that captures my attention, had some unique pieces, like a collection of framed signs from homeless beggars, that really made you question how the world interacts within itself. As was written near the 'Boy', "No Man is an Island".

27 April 2017

Thursday in Denmark sees our hero travel to Blåvand and Ribe (Rebuh), on the west side of the nation. In Blåvand, we climbed a light house that's more than 100 years old, and with even more steps up! We also walked along the beach looking at the many, many shells. After Blåvand, we traveled to Ribe, the oldest city in Denmark. There, we saw a cathedral with a tower of 248 steps that I made Derrick climb (thanks Derrick!), followed by the Vikinger museum, which pretty obviously translates to Viking. We learned a LOT of interesting history of the area, that Vikings had actually established trading towns, and some trivia facts, like archeologists found a road paved with bone in the city. All of that saw us getting back to our hosts pretty late, so find out more from the next day of our trip!

26 April 2017

So learned even more about Denmark in just a few hours. It's now 10 pm, though the sun is still setting outside (ridiculous), and I just finished baking with my host family, which was quite an interesting event. Pro-tip: If you might bake out of country, bring your own measuring cups. They aren't common in Denmark, it seems. Cookies turned out pretty good though, so all's well. I also played several rounds of Go Fish with my host (simply "Fish" in Denmark) and learned some new card names and that in Denmark, you actually build a "pond" to draw from by spreading the cards out in a pile. To sum up, I've got several cool facts and practices to bring back to the states! Make sure to stay tuned for more (and keep it classy Eastern!).
So it's Wednesday, and we left Copenhagen, or Kobnhavn, as I'm pretty sure it is in Danish, yesterday. It was a busy day, so I slept throughout the train ride, and fell asleep pretty early when I arrived at my host's home in Ry. My host is Markus and his family, who all are wonderful people. I traveled with Markus on the train again today to Silkeborg, and learned several things throughout the day, including: 1. Ry is pronounced kinda like hu-wee. 2. Silkeborg was founded by a man named Drewsen (pronounced Droy-sen), who threw his silk hat into the water. 3. Denmark has this ice cream topper that tastes like strawberry marshmallow cream. This is called Guf (guh-ff). All in all, it's been an ok day.

24 April 2017

Dear Journi, It's now Tuesday morning, and Monday was a SUPER busy day. I woke up at 5 am, went for a walk, and then had to come back in 15 minutes because it was cold and rainy. We visited Sweden, and saw some fascinating history. And we visited Tivoli, the 2nd oldest amusement park in the world. We stayed in Tivoli for about 4 hours, throughout which I rode at least 90% of he rides (Dante got stuck on the bumper cars, which was pretty funny to watch). And we later met some Dutch girls and German guys and had a great conversation about the cultural differences between our nations. It's been quite an amazing visit, and it's not even half over yet! You'll hear more later, but stayed tuned for more adventures.
Starting the day off right (at 5 am)... Then making up for going out in the rain with some hot chocolate.

23 April 2017

Dear Diary, Today, Derrick became a pretty, pretty princess. It was an ok day.
In Copenhagen, there's so much to see, you can't wait even a second after your 12 hour journey.
Beautiful water and beautiful energy sources.
Got in to Copenhagen, no troubles. Actually fell asleep on the plane from Frankfurt and didn't wake up until we had already landed. I was, of course, the last one to get my luggage, BUT the peanut butter was still in there, so priorities.

22 April 2017

Dear Journi, We believe that they may have overbooked the flight....I'm not kidding. We haven't made it to the plane yet, so no one has been "de-planed."
Dear Journi, We arrived at the airport, and everything was going smoothly. Then the exchange booth didn't have Kroner, and Derrick "hit" me at the ATM. The rest of the day will be on an airplane. We'll see how it goes. Edit: Plane has been delayed, and is likely overbooked. Gosh, I suck.