India · 17033 Days · 17 Moments · January 1970

Zahra's adventure in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

19 August 2016

Somewhere on the highway!😍

17 August 2016

Road trip to Mumbai starts!😭

15 August 2016

Gangaur ghat❤

31 July 2016

Kumbhalgarh fort! Amidst the clouds and soft showers welcoming us into the fort.. it was built by Maharana Kumbha. A great work of architecture❤

29 July 2016

Mornings at Arab house! With my favourite songs!❤

28 July 2016

Shopping at the wrong place.. I don't belong here!
Mojdi shopping with Mama!😘

27 July 2016

Pampering myself!😋
Chilling at Celebration mall!🤗

26 July 2016

Highway bound!❤

24 July 2016

Packing done! With the essentials!😎😉

23 July 2016

2 days to go!😍
Saheliyon ki baadi, was the garden for the queen and her friends.. there is a mini palace inside the garden where the king used to adore the queen while she used to have a merry time her friends.. 😋
Nehru park💓
Family picnic to bhinder and kundai.. also went to udai Sagar.. ❤❤
On a boat ride at the lake pichola..!