United States of America · 32 Days · 5 Moments · May 2017

Zac and Caroline in Cape Cod

28 June 2017

Our third stop was at Truro Vineyards, where we did a wine tasting and then walked around the grounds and explored the shop for a while. We had tried a wine from there before and it was way too sweet, so we asked to try stuff we thought we would like better, and we did!
Our next stop was at a map store in Chatham. It was great. Almost more of a museum than a store, there were so many maps of so many regions (with a focus on Cape Cod and Massachusetts, of course) packed into a small space. We spent a while looking around, decided there wasn't really anything in our price range, and then continued our drive.

27 May 2017

It took us 2 tries to find a restaurant that was open and served good clams. Our first attempt was a beachside restaurant/bar that stopped serving food right as we got there, so we left. As we were leaving, about 8 of the nicest sports cars I have ever seen rolled into this dirt parking lot on the beach. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, it was pretty crazy and we were not the only ones there who looked confused. When we did get to our dinner spot, we ordered a large plate of whole fried clams with some salad and coke slaw. I'd never had fried clams before, and there were a lot. Definitely delicious, but such an interesting texture. And we ended up with a lotttt of food. Definitely kept us full until we got home around 11:30pm!
Finally, we made it out to Provincetown on the very tip of the cape. It's such a cool city with such a cool vibe. Unfortunately, our stay was cut short by a large fire that started in a restaurant a few blocks from where we were walking. We hurried through smoky streets, dove into a pizza shop for a quick slice, and then headed back to the car to head home. Via a fried clams restaurant, of course!
So in talking to Caroline as I got closer to the point where I would be leaving New England for the foreseeable future, I realized that I had missed a crucial activity: going to Cape Cod. I unfortunately took very few pictures, but maybe Caroline has some that she can add later. Hotels are expensive and Boston isn't too far, so we decided to just make a day trip out of it. We started in Popponesset, where Caroline spent a decent amount of time as a small child and where her aunt still lives. We had a lobster roll (absolutely delicious and soo expensive) and walked along the beach a bit, before getting back in the car to head further down the cape.