North America · 9 Days · 29 Moments · August 2017

New Life Haiti Mission Trip 2017

19 August 2017

Last flight of our journey #almosthome #hottieshaveleftHaiti
We're stateside! So proud of this team this week and all the hard work we did. #hottiesinhaiti #hottiesarehome
Each member of our team received notes of encouragement and prayers from our church's leadership team prior to leaving for Haiti. These notes were so encouraging to read throughout the week!

18 August 2017

Writing notes to our village champions, translators, and new friends!
We had a fun day at the beach!

17 August 2017

A huge blessing for me (Zack) this year is having only 2-3 bug bites. Last year, I counted over 100. Thank you for your prayers! Also, having 3 fans had been great, but I still sweat throughout the night haha.
Sharing the rat story with Jasper. The girls have had an unwanted pet rat eating through their bags and food and leaving presents (poop) on the bathroom counter for them.
We helped the boss build benches for a church in the village of Bercy. It's cool that we were able to help provide more church seating for people in this village we love. #BlistersinHaiti #HottiesinHaiti

16 August 2017

Washing the dishes tonight!
The base is pretty empty. All the summer interns left and only two staff members are here. It's amazing how this organization is nearly completely Haitian run!
Haitian fruit: kenep Haitian meal: pate So tasty!
Yesterday we spent our morning delivering and planting trees to people in Bercy. After digging deep in rocky Haitian soil, we inserted our first coconut tree of the day. Following the planting, we were gifted the opportunity to converse with the family who received the tree. Miralda exuded joy and energy from the moment we met. She is the wife of a pastor and clings to the lord while humbly requesting prayer for a sickness. Her 8 year old daughter, Judemia, prayed powerfully with us and for us. Her prayer request is to experience the lord's presence in deeper ways each day. Their love for Jesus and desire to share him with others will continue to be a powerful source of transformation for the Bercy village!

15 August 2017

Yesterday we talked with Louisana for about an hour. Before going into her house, we played and hung out with a group of children and women that congregated outside her house. As we talked with Louisana, we learned she's a believer and has a strong faith in God. She believes if someone comes to her with a need she is supposed to give her best to help them. She is generous, humble, and kind. We shared how God brought us to Haiti and that we were there because God loves her and we love her and the people of Haiti. At the end of our time together, we prayed for her and then she prayed for us. We believe in this next season of her life, God will exalt her and use her to speak to her community. She then prayed Ps 121 over us. Please pray for Louisana and for protection over her sons and husband and that God would continue to reveal himself to them.
It was so great to visit the village of Bercy today. Carolina accepted Christ as her Savior and is excited about beginning her relationship with Christ!

14 August 2017

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon with this lady. It was a great time as we got to hear her story. The doctor gave her 15 days to live. That was 4 years ago and she is alive and well today! It was such an honor to hear her stories and pray for her.

13 August 2017

Spending some quality time with the kids of the Blue to Block Village!
Touring the Bercy MOH campus. #HottiesinHaiti
This afternoon we toured the Mission of Hope Bercy campus where they house 200 visitors during the summertime. This land was given to them by the national government to build a senior care facility and a school. They've also developed a farming program to train farmers so that Haiti can meet all its own needs for food. Then we went to the village of Leveque. When the earthquake struck in 2010, organizations built temporary tarp homes for people here, but people stayed longer than anticipated. MOH recently completed construction of about 400 concrete houses in this village, using Haitian hands.
We toured the main campus this morning. Pictured are the basketball courts where children play, the houses that some children stay in, the warehouse where daily food donations for 90,000 Haitians and Tom's Shoes go through, and Three Cords, one of the businesses that MOH operates. They are looking to build a manufacturing plant in Minoterie to provide jobs for 6500 people!

12 August 2017

We made it to Mission of Hope! We're pretty tired from being up for about 18 hours, but we are here! We met some of the interns and unpacked our donations.
First look at Haiti!
3 delays and we are ready to party!
3 delays but we are about to leave for Haiti!
It's smoking in this plane. Next stop Haiti. #HottiesinHaiti
Bethany asked for ice water and this is what she got...
We're bringing a Haitian princess with us!

11 August 2017

We're packed in here!
Off to Detroit! We leave tomorrow at 7 AM!