63 Days · 7 Moments · December 2017

Zach's adventure in Krabi

8 February 2018

DAY FIVE Today daddy did another Mui Thai boxing class and after that we went and played basketballšŸ€ and baseballāš¾ļø. Then we had lunch at the beach house and relaxed at the pool. We also packed our bags for Bali. That's most of what we did today.

4 January 2018

DAY FOUR Today is New Years Eve!!! We went to the emerald cave which was amazing. We got to swam through a little cave with our guide Pat wearing a headlight. It was really tall and there were even bats! The water was of course emerald green. (that's why it's called the emerald cave) when we got to the other end there was a little cove that was super crowded. It had the water and a little beach that was awesome! Then we went to the beach club which is another much smaller beach resort. We had lunch there and mummy ordered two chicken tenders for me and Owen but they didn't come so we asked and the guy said we hadn't even ordered them! So we waited ANOTHER almost twenty minutes then we ate and got out of there. But it was super low tide so we had to walk through all this coral rocks and sea urchins to the boat bear foot! But luckily two guys kayaked us back. Then we it was SUPER DUPER choppy and the boat was bouncing the whole entire ride! I even had to put on my goggles! IT WAS SO FUN
DAY THREE Today we went hunting for Dugongs and it was really cool. We met our guide Mark who was a great guide. We went out on a long tail boat we went into the mangroves and trees that were on the way then we started looking. We didn't see any but we stopped to swim in the ocean by a beach and down at the end of the beach there were shells everywhere! Daddy found some shells that were really cool. He found two normal sized ones and one HUGE one! Mummy also found a really small one. Then we looked some more for Dugongs but came up empty handed so we came back and waited for the car. On the drive back to the resort we stopped in the rubber tree forest, the trees that produce the liquid that makes rubber. He showed us how it worked which was you used a knife to cut a spiral down the trunk of the tree and attached an empty bowl at the end of the spiral and the liquid dribbled down into the bowl and hardened into stretchy rubber.
DAY TWO Today we started touring the resort and saw so much amazing stuff! There was a pool that was HUGE, and breakfast was a buffet and we were seated In the back so when we turned around we saw the amazing beach and mini forest right behind us! We found out it also has batting cages for baseball, basketball, tennis, archery, volleyball and they set up soccer plus of course swimming. So while daddy was taking a run me and mummy went and played some basketball. We swam for HOURS then watched the sun set and had dinner at an Italian restaurant in the hotel where I got a really good pizzašŸ•.

3 January 2018

DAY ONE Today we got into Krabi, Thailand and it is AMAZING so far. We got in from Vientiane and got our bags pretty quickly, found our driver and we were off on the almost hour drive to the Anantara si kow beach resort, got to our room and got ready to go to bed and went to bed because we got in around ten.

26 December 2017

STILL DAY THREE When we got back to the resort Owen went back to the room but me, mummy and daddy had lunch at a pool side restaurant called the beach house (it's also beach side) and I had a great ceaser salad that was delicious! Then we relaxed for the rest of the day.

7 December 2017

STILL DAY FOUR !!! When we got back we relaxed for an hour or two then went down to start the NEW YEARS PARTY!!!!! There were games, there was music, there was dancing (mostly my crazy dancing. It was so crazy OTHER PEOPLE were videoing me!!!) I went extra crazy when they played heist music from Despicable Me 3 (aka Bad by Michal Jackson) and then I boxed a balloon then we all went to our tables and got dinner at the buffet while they played music. After we ate dinner we went back to the room and listened to Harry Potter. Then we went back down and they were playing awesome music and I did so much DANCING!!!