United States of America · 3 Days · 3 Moments · August 2017

Zachary's adventure in Cahokia, IL, United St

21 August 2017

We ate at Imo's Pizza twice while on our trip. I can honestly say it was some of the best pizza I have ever had. The sauce was well prepared and the meats were fresh. The best part, however, was the cheese. I'm not sure what makes it unique, but the cheese is great. It's a bit more than I would pay for pizza where I am from, but it is well worth it

20 August 2017

We ate at the Peacock Diner on The Loop in St. Louis. I loved the atmosphere and decorations of this place, but I was disappointed with the menu. The selections were very limited. I thought it was odd that a diner would dedicate most of the menu to cocktails. Everything was reasonably priced and tasted great. The staff was also friendly and attentive.

19 August 2017

We stayed at Cahokia RV Parque. Though the staff is very friendly, the site we pitched our tent on did not meet my expectations. The site was wedged between several RVs, which meant our tent was downwind from most of the sewage hookups. There was a small deck on a pound towards the back of the park, but the water was stagnant and mosquito invested. The bathrooms were clean and well kept. The outdoor pull seemed like it was up to expectations. The park, in general, was small. There were maybe 100 sites total. There is a restaurant on the grounds called Sawmill BBQ. We only sampled the breakfast there. It was affordable and decent. Visitors staying at the park can recive a 10% discount on lunch and dinner there. There is a shuttle service available. The park also offered park wide Wi-Fi for free, though it was a bit bogged down and slow. Don't expect much privacy here, but it is an affordable alternative to the sub par hotels in the St. Louis area. We paid around $30 for two nights.