Europe, North America · 46 Days · 77 Moments · September 2017

Cruising with Mike & Yvonne

13 November 2017

Our day in Miami was both amazing and bitter sweet as it signified the end of a brilliant holiday 😧 We disembarked and got the hop on hop off bus to see a bit of the city What a gorgeous area of the city south πŸ– beach is, all the buildings are Art Deco and truly gorgeous They are protected buildings throughout the area so even if they are updated inside the outside has to remain the same 😁 We headed back to the airport, late! Seemed to be the order of the day pretty much everywhere... no one seemed to be in too much of a hurry to do anything πŸ˜‚ So we are back on home soil after an wonderful time 😊 hope u all enjoyed following all the adventures

12 November 2017

Miami-Dade, Florida bus 🚌 trip city sightseeing
Miami-Dade, Florida early morning arrival

11 November 2017

We arrived in Nassau to a glorious sunrise in a queue for docking! In the end there were 5 ships docked, all of them enormous We had an amazing day on pearl 🌴 island What a gorgeous place to spend the day, we are both a bit toasted 😎😁 On our way back to the ship we found the Hard Rock Cafe - Nassau so just had to stop 🀣 Just left Nassau for our last night at sea, dinner at 8 Miami arrival 7am
Nassau, Bahamas
First sight of the Bahamas

9 November 2017

Glass show

8 November 2017

Glass bottom Bermuda Triangle boat trip
Bermuda day 2
Beautiful Sea
Hello Bermuda πŸ‡§πŸ‡² 😎😎😎

7 November 2017

The end of another lekker day at sea, a southern comfort on the rocks for me, sneaky puff adder for Von!
Sunset from our balcony on our way to Bermuda. Sun shine at last, we loving it!
Evening show
Day at Sea on the way to Bermuda Beautiful day cruising, gorgeous sunshine but very windy in the morning. Spent the afternoon on our veranda chilling in the sunshine Watched the amazing Glass show again, so clever
New York day 2 We had hop on hop off tickets so we headed out early The first bus was with a guide and was fantastic but we jumped off to see Macy’s which was a mistake. The shop only opened late so we got a coffee and got on the next bus but this one only had recorded guide which was always either too early or too late! So a bit of a waste but we persevered We did a whole route then walked to Macy’s, not terribly impressed with the prices in New York on the whole, found it very expensive and Macy’s was no different 😳 Average $15 for 2 drinks! But in the whole a good day We left New York at 4:30 and managed to at least get some photos of lady liberty on our way out Very blustery and chilly but clear
Cont We then drove through all 5 boroughs of NYC then on to the Empire State Yes I went up to the top! The mist was so thick it was difficult to see much but wow it is high....86 floors up We had a detour to grand central station which is stunning, more of a museum than a station The architecture is incredible
A few days behind with so much going on in the last 3 days 😁 So we docked in New York, New York to a very very misty murky welcome We got some hazy pics of the lady liberty and manhattan We had a few hours in New York in the afternoon and we walked up to 42nd street and broadway and across to Times Square Wow NY is so TALL! All the buildings are enormous it seems and even though the streets are much wider than London it feels so much more enclosed and tall Times Square is a cacophony of sounds and an absolute attack on the senses from all directions We went to β€œthe Hard Rock Cafe” in Times Square, we are getting quite the collection, this is the 4th I think We headed back to the ship as we had a city lights and Empire State tour booked, yes it was STILL misty! But the tour was excellent, we headed over Manhattan bridge into Brooklyn and we had time to have a walk around under the Brooklyn bridge We had an amazing ice cream at the Brooklyn ice cream factory took some photos Cont
At sea

6 November 2017

NewYork -7
Popcorn 🍿 on call!
New York -6
Hand painted advert redone every month! Amazing work
New York -4

5 November 2017

New York -3
Grand Central
New York -3
New York -2
New York -1

4 November 2017

We docked in Boston earlier than expected this morning at about 6am. We were in the berth before we woke up. Then the waiting began!! We were group number 24 to disembark and only managed to get off the ship at 10:30. We then spent a wonderful wonderful day in Boston, Massachusetts with Pam. What a fantastically beautiful city. We went up the prudential building where there are 360’ views of the city of Boston, the Charles River and over into Cambridge We travelled on the subway, interesting how different it is to the tube in London, much slower We walked around the market and saw the incredible Jewish concentration camp memorial - so heartbreaking. All the numbers tattooed on people are inscribed on the memorial with quotes from survivors, Pam says in the evening they have the lights on & mist runs down like tears 😭 very moving We are back on the ship now and about to leave Boston & head to New York
More Boston
We’ve docked in Boston, Massachusetts

3 November 2017

A stroll on deck 14/15 after dinner with a nce night, cool but not cold!
Gorgeous glass the day after watching it being made πŸ˜€
Close to seeing land again
Clear night tonight, taking a walk after dinner on the 14th deck!

2 November 2017

Amazing central atrium of the ship
Watched an amazing glass show by the Corning Museum of glass Watched them make 3 incredible peices
Prime lunch spot 😎😎

1 November 2017

Evening views πŸŒŸβ˜€οΈ
Gorgeous but short lived sunrise this morning 🚒🌞 must came rolling in shortly after

31 October 2017

Hallowe’en on the ship, lots of dressing up and pumpkins πŸŽƒ pumpkins πŸŽƒ everywhere πŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

30 October 2017

Sky observation lounge
2nd full day at sea, really relaxed day, very windy walk around the decks this morning. Relaxing by the indoor pool for a few hours. Lunch then a stroll around the art auction 😊need a few extra thousands to partake of that!! Watched a putting competition down the stairs in the main lobby between some of the officers and some passengers. Just watched a movie in the theatre β€œthe circle” with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, weird and creepy comes to mind,about the internet being the all seeing all revealing !! Settled for a glass or two before dinner in the sky observation lounge πŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒ

29 October 2017

Date night ❀️
Day 2 Clocks changed so the breakfast we thought we had ordered for 8am arrived at 7 on our watches!! Nice Breakie but definitely better to go to one of the dining rooms. Good walk on the top decks fighting the wind. Found the gym and spa Now lying in the solarium swimming, relaxing and reading for a few hours till dinner and a show this evening

28 October 2017

And we’re off 😊
Arrived at the quay πŸ˜€checking in now
This ship is massive!

27 October 2017

2 years ago we booked this amazing trip and now the night before we leave we are beyond excited and so so nervous 😁😳 Relaxing with a glass or 2 looking forward to tomorrow 🍷🍷

29 September 2017

14 days and counting 😁