Australia, United Kingdom · 28 Days · 49 Moments · January 2018

Yvonne's journi to Australia

14 February 2018

A lovely afternoon in Penguin Island with Tracy. Another beautiful place - I am beginning to run out of superlatives.

12 February 2018

Yesterday we went to Point Walter along by the river Swan briefly before the migraine got me again.
Breakfast in East Perth with Tracy and Zoe. I saw my favourite tropical flowers.

11 February 2018

We went to Zephryrs on the Swan river near Freo for brunch today. Wonderful views over the river. We saw a pod of about five dolphins swimming along - magical!

9 February 2018

Back from our holiday today via a visit to Busselton and to the amazing Bunbury farm shop. So back in Perth for the last week of my wonderful holiday. We have lots of great things planned after a chill out day tomorrow.

8 February 2018

We also visited Meelup beach - one of Tracy’s favourites in the area.
Another amazing day today, visited a stunning beach at Bunker Bay.

7 February 2018

A wonderful day at Margaret River.
Finally visited Yallngup - this means A Place of Love in Aboriginal. It was the most beautiful place - feeds the soul 😃
Went to Canal Rocks - absolutely lovely

6 February 2018

We got to Dunsborough and strolled down to the beach which was amazingly beautiful! We spotted some dolphins swimming in the distance and saw an albatross.
Well, travelled up to our holiday apartment at the Ramada resort in Dunsborough. We came through Busselton where we stopped for lunch.

4 February 2018

Early evening spent at Heathcote reserve. We saw three dolphins swimming in the river and, as the sun went down two baby kookaburras appeared; they were beautiful! Two very special moments! The sunset was very special.
Mission in Fremantle accomplished - purchased three kangaroos, three koalas, four boomerangs, two furry purses, two key rings and a kookaburra! Fremantle is a lovely, quirky town with a great vibe! Interesting buildings and a great beach and marina area. I was forced to eat a lovely ice cream in the sunshine.
Lovely relaxing morning, gorgeous brunch now off to Freo, otherwise known as Fremantle in search of 5 koalas and a kangaroo!!
I didn’t realise that there were so many hawks in the Perth area!!

3 February 2018

Chilled out today, swimming and reading by the pool! Then off to see ‘The Naked Magician’ with my lovely Aussie girls

2 February 2018

Tracy kept flicking the bird when she was cooking the chicken. Went to show her ticket on her iPhone screen to get into the outdoor cinema but flicked the screen and showed him a picture of a naked Justin Bieber.😂😂😂

1 February 2018

A lovely swim in the Indian Ocean at Coogee with Tracy, and her friends Lynn and Joyce.

31 January 2018

Relaxing day at home. Went in the pool. Late afternoon went into Fremantle for dinner followed by an art course ‘Painting the Perth Skyline.’ Came back and the lovely Amber has made some beautiful macarons and purchased Cadbury’s Creme Egg ice cream - what more could a girl want? She is an absolute star!!!

30 January 2018

Went into Perth with the girls: Amber, Morgan, Eden, Flo and Scarlett today to go to the Art Gallery - guess what? It was closed!! So we went to the Discovery Centre in the library and then hit the shops!! A whole new experience for me shopping with 5 girls!! Stayed in Perth and met Tony. We had dinner out and went to see Jimmy Carr at the Convention Centre - he was so funny😂😂😂😂😂. My favourite joke was text from the audience - If animals don’t want to be eaten, why are they made of food?

29 January 2018

A wonderful day (another)! Went into Perth on the bus and train with Tony, sketched some buildings while I waited for the boys. Went on a river cruise to Fremantle with Kyle and Steve - wonderful!

28 January 2018

Lunch at C Y O’Connors pub with Tracy and Amber today. Then mocktails before theatre at the Crown - we saw The Unbelievables, a variety show. Some was really good others absolute shite😂😂😂 Tracy’s mocktail had a face!

27 January 2018

Lovely meal at Hamptons Restaurant at City Beach with my Aussie family tonight - fabulous!! And so my birthday continues 😀🎂💜
Today Tony said ‘You must try to see a fire while you are here!’ 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Brunch with my cuz Tony at LoQuay cafe by the Canning river in the sunshine☀️

26 January 2018

Lovely swim at Leighton beach this morning followed by bacon rolls at Quarantine Park in Bicton overlooking the river! Watched the Australia Day fireworks against the Perth skyline and the river Swan! Watched a beautiful film called ‘The Best of Me’ with Tracy.

25 January 2018

It’s Australia Day today!! Off to the beach for bacon rolls! Going to watch the fireworks over the city later.
We went to Caversham Wildlife Park today , Tracy, Eden, Scarlett and me. We met Kyle and Steve there. A wonderful day -saw Koalas and Kangaroos and beautiful birds - my favourite was the Kookaburra!!

24 January 2018

A lovely relaxing day by the pool In my ‘Aussie home.’ Going to try the Tim Tam straw later! Wooo hooo X

23 January 2018

Well, I had such a lovely birthday. Tony took the day off work and we met up with Kyle and Steve At Sorrento Quay at Hilary’s Boatyard. We had a snack and went to the AQWA where we saw fascinating creatures. In the evening we had s lovely meal at the Crowne Plaza.
So lovely to spend time with Tracy and all her lovely daughters and some of her granddaughters. They are all beautiful, lively and soooo funny. The closeness of this family is fabulous - so much fun 💜💜

22 January 2018

Swam in the Indian Ocean today at Coogee beach, then went for lunch at Coogee Marina. Swam in the pool until I was even more wrinkly this afternoon - bliss! Now watching a movie😀
Off to the beach today for a chilled out day!

21 January 2018

Well, plenty to do stashed in my pocket and plenty of space next to me - was it something I said? On the first plane: I watched a film called Stronger about the Boston Marathon bombing - inspirational! I sketched a picture of my step dog Sonny. Slept for about an hour and a half using my new trtl neck support😃 Watched a short programme about Lego; the flight went really quickly!
Well, an interesting start to the day at the hotel. Hairdryer died and Ken referred to me as his wife 😱. Is this a promotion or demotion? 😂 Went downstairs for breakfast, not at all hungry but managed fruit, cereal and four mini Danish pastries 😳. Bit sad to leave my special Geordie and a bit anxious. I had a few tears but Geordie was prepared with the tissues, how does he know me so well - dammit! Spent £100 on makeup and sunglasses, now in Costa chilling! (Why change the habits of a lifetime?)

20 January 2018

Flight from Abu Dabhi to Perth - this is the long stretch and delayed by nearly an hour! Watched Baby Driver after a couple of false starts. A smaller plane, not as comfortable as the previous one and very busy. At last! That was a long journey. 13:15 local time 31oC☀️
At the Hilton Hotel Heathrow chilling with Ken. Very excited but a little nervous. I can’t believe I am really going to Australia tomorrow morning - wooooo hooooo😁☀️😁

18 January 2018

Tracy and Tony made me feel so welcome. Their house is lovely - so much space! Had a lovely picnic tea at King’s Park overlooking the city. Exhausted after the long journey but managed to stay awake until nearly 21:00.