Thailand · 9 Days · 21 Moments · April 2017

8 May 2017

Took a kayak excursion today. We visited the Ang Thong National Marine Park, kayaked and snorkelled around two islands. Trying to enjoy the rest of the trip while my entire body is sore and has scrapes.
Drove to the sunset viewpoint to view the sunset. We bought exotic fruits from a nearby market, and ate them while watching the sky :) We also crashed our motorbike. Be careful when driving!
Drove around the island today in our motorbikes!

7 May 2017

Now that we have a mode of transportation, we drove to Fisherman's Village (15 minute ride). It's a beach side block, with stores, food stands, and restaurants.

6 May 2017

Checked into our pool villa in Koh Samui. The island vibe is different than life in Chiang Mai. The locals aren't as friendly, there are a lot of stray animals on the streets, and nobody walks. We rented three motorbikes to get around the island with. It's our first day with the bikes so we spent most of our time trying to get the hang of it. The rest of the day was spent by the pool 🌴
Today was a travel day. Checked out of our airbnb at 12pm and our flight was at 4:40pm. We had a few hours to kill so we went into the city (with our luggages and bags) and got massages and pedicures. We got our massage from Lila Spa, which hires ex female inmates.

5 May 2017

Went to the night market with Elissa. The best chicken khao soi, live music, hanging lights.

4 May 2017

Went to the elephant camp to see elephants. Made medicine (mashed bananas, tamarind, ginger, ginseng, rice) for the elephants and fed them A LOT of bananas. I didn't do my research before booking this excursion, and we don't think that this camp treats their elephants well. Please do thorough research before booking elephant tours!

3 May 2017

Visited Pai today! It's a tiny, hipster, westernized "stoner" town, situated on top of a mountain. The three hour drive up the mountain was probably my favourite part of the trip. It's known for its windy roads, sharp turns (approx 762 turns), and scenic view. We rented a private car with a driver, who went above and beyond and showed us the attractions. We visited the Pai Canyon, the HELLA tacky strawberry attraction, the love coffee shop, the Lychee Garden (which isn't a field of lychee, it's the name of a hostel..), and walked through the centre of the town.
Hiked through the Amphoe Mae Taeng district and was rewarded with a beautiful waterfall! Ended this leg of the trip with fried rice and fresh (warm) fruits!

2 May 2017

Stranded on top of a mountain while it was pouring outside.
Went up to the summit and saw gorgeous views of the city.
Had a hell of a day when we took a song thaew up the mountain and visited Doi Suthep national park. Went into the temple and got a lucky fortune (fortune #8: you are lucky in everything. Be careful in your speaking and acting. Immune from sickness."

1 May 2017

Walked through the night bazaar. Went HAM on purchases and got a "fish pedicure" by Garra ruffas
Worst day of Elissa's life, part two.
Walking to Chang Lor Road for some dinner. Chicken khao soi 😋
Worst day of Elissa's life (traveller's diarrhea)
Walked through Chang Lor Road and ate breakfast at Bear Hug Cafe

30 April 2017

Sunday night market
Trekked to the central plaza shopping centre through an unconventional shortcut. Had my first (of many) mango sticky rice 💚

29 April 2017

First morning in Chiang Mai! Explored our area and got some street food :) The bananas are not as good as they look, but the Thai milk tea makes up for it.