South Korea · 4 Days · 5 Moments · December 2016

seoul and dmz dec 2016

31 December 2016

Royal tombs followed by taekwando demonstration at its world headquarters. Then a bit of a chill out on the grounds where i did my pushups, wall sits and abs before dinner in a chicago pizza place and then went to a bar opposite the american military base to celebrate new year.

29 December 2016

DMZ half day tour. There is a sense of tranquility beneath the tension. Went to see the observatory , the station and the 3rd infiltration tunnel.
Seoul tower and city walls by day where we found an outdoor workout area and several middle aged locals working out even when the weather is only 4oC. Tell me about hard core. Then went to do karaoke and also tried sojou (plum liqueor) for the first time. We also bumped into 3 americans who were on the dmz tour and one of them is a US embassy special agent for busting drug rings. Noone would have guessed by how he dressed and act. Probably why he would be good undercover. Always remind me of this moment when i hear the song 'shake that ass with me'.☺

28 December 2016

Sloped shopping mall with a poo themed cafe at the top. Then a walk along a stream in the afternoon with stepping stones and nice decorations.
Palace visit with a grand boulevard leading to the gates. Nice to see the old palace quarters and gardens with skyscrapers in the background. A good symbol of preserving and remembering the past but moving on with the times and looking into the future.