North America, Asia · 10 Days · 24 Moments · November 2015

Yvette's voyage in United States of America

28 November 2015

Temple of Dali Lama, Bell and Drum Tower and to a Tea Room for tea ceremony
Yesterday was Temple of Heaven, silk factory and the Emperor 's Summer Palace

26 November 2015

Today we went to Tinanamin Square, Forbidden City, jade carving and Great Wall. The day was cold, windy and the temperature was 26. The tour guide and driver were great
We arrived in Beijing to freezing weather. It had snowed on Monday. It was interesting. The plane landed and let us off on the Tarmac. We then had to take a bus to the terminal.

25 November 2015

On the plane to Beijing

24 November 2015

Today we are in Macau. We saw St. Paul Cathedral.
Yesterday we took cable car up the mountain to monastery. We saw the giant Buddha. Then we went to Disney Hong Kong.
Cheryl had to use the restroom at the temple and I kid you not it is a hole in the tiled floor, very interesting. Then we went into Colonial part of town. Have pic but on camera.

22 November 2015

First stop of the day was to a temple. First thing find a taxi, of course we could not find a taxi to take all five of us. We had to show the driver a picture with the place name written in Chinese. Thank goodness for Lil Bret. He would put Lucy and I in the first taxi and then get another taxi for himself and Cheryl and Bret. Went you watch them driving on TV, that is really how they drive over here. It is really crazy. So Lucy and I are in the taxi ahead of the other, when we get a call from Lil Bret asking where we were. I look at Lucy and she looks at me and then we start to worry. About 5 minutes later we pull up to the temple and we see Lil Bret. Thank you God! Well has our luck goes the oldest temple we wanted to see was closed to view by tarps as it was being cleaned and repaired.
Second day we went to China. We started out on the subway then, we took a two hour train ride into China. The ticket says it is a bullet train but most of the time we were barely moving. It seems that the train runs on the same rails as the subway train. The train has to make way for the subway train as it is very fast.
Day starts with buffet breakfast. Then we walked into older area of town.

20 November 2015

First million dollar building build in Hong Kong!
First government building
View from our room window on the 25th floor

19 November 2015

We are preparing to land.

18 November 2015

We are crossing the Arctic Ocean!
It is 6:59pm our time, we are 9 hours and 15 minutes from our destination. We have traveled 3813 miles.
It is 3:10pm. It is 8329 miles from Dallas to Hong Kong. We are traveling at 634 miles per hour. We have travelled 1545 miles. We are due to arrive in 13.01 hours
Our flight route from Dallas to Hong Kong
We are in Dallas now. Our flight to Hong Kong is for 11:45. We will arrive in Hong Kong on 11/19 at 6:35 pm.