China · 14 Days · 5 Moments · June 2017

yushu's tour through China

4 July 2017

It's a rainy day, even there is not sunshine but i like the cool temperature of a rainy day, now I'm playing music and ready to sleep again, cause no one would refuse to take a nap while listening the rain and storm, well, maybe just me, I particularly enjoy the sound of storms, I feel safe and relieved when I heard the sound

30 June 2017

I seriously need to make plan for myself, which this plan is supposed to be different, a plan that won't make me overly control of everything, cause all this is start was blamed to my strong intention of control, control my eating, control the time I go to eat and the type of food I should have. So I need to avoid this from happening again and I want make my life more interesting and entertaining. This morning my personal trainer asked me if there any I like besides working out? I was blanked for a moment, I couldn't come up with one hobby or one thing I'm doing which is not related to fitness. I need go somewhere, start in tomorrow!

29 June 2017

I feel so horrible about what I have just done. That person, 1hour ago wasn't me! I can't say I will never do it again, that kind of promise is weak and easily to be crashed. I need to realise how serious the consequences wills me, to feel that I really did it wrong, try to fix myself, try to find a solution to stopping this from happening again. People make mistakes, but don't be afraid to face the consequences after the mistake, be brave and be strong, believe in the good things that is existing and happening in your life, you can do this,trust yourself and do make those promises something worthwhile because if you give credit on them, they will work someday, take your time, don't rush, you still have a long life to live

27 June 2017

well,I'm suppose to blog about my upcoming trip to Japan, right now I have downloaded this app, maybe this will a good chance to have a little practice before it is be used progressively

20 June 2017

My daily routine is to watch my little brother playing with his lego. Such Horrible creature he made!