China, Taiwan · 2 Days · 3 Moments · September 2017

Yury's tour through China

9 September 2017

After having been in Taiyuan less than 24 hours, we got on another plane. This time it was just going to be Lan and me. We took off at 7:30am and headed to Shanghai Pudong to transfer for a final flight to Taipei.

8 September 2017

This is the moment Nainai (奶奶) had been waiting for. The time she finally met her great grandson. Words cannot describe how delighted she was.
After an 11 hour 35 mins direct flight from London Heathrow we land in a very hot, humid and muggy Guangzhou. Knowing we would have a 3.5 hour layover we were worried we’d have nothing to do. Then again, immigration in itself took about 30 mins, and then we had to walk to an internal transfer section where we would go through another set of security checks for another 30 mine. Having finally passed through all of this we thought it appropriate to have a spot of breakfast (or dinner if you consider it was 1:30am back in London). Despite noodles being some of the cheapest foods around in China, the airport always manages to hike the prices up to unreasonable demands, for very low quality food. Either way, it was good to have some beef noodle soup at £8 a bowl (vs the £0.50 I’m used to!). With Luka’s nappy changed and the rest of us fed and watered we walked to our gate to wait another hour before boarding. Then the lack of sleep kicked in. I captured this beautiful photo of my family.