Mexico, Cuba · 48 Days · 4 Moments · August 2017

Yuni's adventure in Mexico

10 October 2017

Little tour of Havana with some girls from my floor. Had some Coppelia ice cream. 10 CUP for 10 scoops of ice cream. They gave it to us in form of a scoop per cone. Wish I could have taken a picture of the three of us trying to simultaneously eat three scoops at once. It was messy. Went to the malecón and got sprayed with the waves multiple times. The little train is taxi that charges 1 CUC per person to drive around the malecón. The duration of the drive is 1 hour. We didn't take it but good to know for next time. We ended our journi by writing our name in a wall somewhere in old Havana.

1 September 2017

25 August 2017

Started from the bottom, now we are here....about to embark a 7 year journi

23 August 2017

Eating tacos requires superior hand eye coordination. Especially when you are crying from rubbing your eyes with your hot sauce fingers.