Cuba · 167 Days · 30 Moments · August 2017

Yuni's adventure in Cuba

7 February 2018

We decided to celebrate a successful semester with a tour of Cuba. Don't be thinking we are loaded, we will be spending our nights at the faculties of medicine in each province we visit. Huge shout-out to our residence director and our Tia's for making it possible. First to start our three week trip, Santiago de Cuba. It played an important role in the revolution and it was the capitol of Cuba until 1533. Here we visited, the famous Virgen de Cobre that's located in a small town 20 km outside Santiago. The cemetery where Fidel Castro, Jose Martí, Mariana Graneles de Maceo (madre de la patria) and Céspedes (padre de la patria) are burried. Went to el Morro that over looks the Caribbean sea and of course ate tons of seafood at the state run shops.

10 November 2017

50 shades of arco iris. Haha jk but rainy season does bring some beautiful light distortions.

4 November 2017

Brian's birthday weekend part dos. There are hotels around the area and as this map shows more trails and grutas to explore. Next time for sure. At night we spent some time in the cascade, the guys got in the water. The next morning we got this amazing and well missed breakfast. They served us egg tortilla, Guyana, papaya, piña, guanábana juice, coffee, milk and toast. Yum yum, going back to comedor is going to be a hard adjustment. The next morning before we left we spent some time at the pozos de amor, playing cards and listening to music.
Brian's birthday weekend part of 1. For Brian's birthday we kicked off the weekend with a fancy dinner on Friday at La Cathedral in Vedado. The weekend we decided to stay off campus at this town called Soroa, it is well known for their waterfalls. We took a máquina for 6 CUC each and found a casa particular to stay at for the night. The entrance to the waterfalls is 3 CUC for tourist and 10 CUP for nacional so don't forget your carnet. We also hiked to a mirador where we met this angel sent from heaven. Not only did he fix Brian's broken sandal, we bought cigars (10 for 5 CUC) coconuts (1 CUC) and we got to try these amazing plátanos manzanos from his little shop.

3 November 2017

Had an interesting semester with our math profe. She is going to retire after this semester so we finished the semester with a cake and tamarind juice. Thanks for teaching us how Cuban healthcare math works.

1 November 2017

Had the opportunity to visit the schools museum of ananomy with pathology anomalies, the anatomy lab, bone library and meet the pathology and histology teachers.

21 October 2017

Quick tip Need to buy tickets to go to province? Here are the phone numbers and the addresses of where to buy them.
Saturday after the dentist

20 October 2017

First gala of the semester.

16 October 2017

This is how goods get delivered to the school store. It is interesting to note how there are no labels or logos on the truck. In the USA this truck would have been clearly labeled by the specific company that restocks the store. Not in Cuba. Also members of the delegation snacking on a typical Cuban food, pan con tortilla. It consists of two buns of bread with a layer of egg. I'm not necessarily a fan but I am grateful for the food available.

14 October 2017

Had fresa bom bom at coppelia. Somewhere in there are supposed to be chocolate chips. Let me know when you find them bc I'm still looking. Barrio chino was next, had lunch at this restaurant with complementary mojitos and a drink included with every plate. Needless to say I had all 4 drinks and they were great. These Cuban dogs are so ugly they look cute. So damn ugly. Finished the day watching a movie called equals at teatro infante. It was with Kristen Stewart and it was about a dystopian society. Wouldn't say it was amazing but it was ok. The cost was 3 peso peso per person, def will be going back more often.

12 October 2017

It is the wet season! But only until December. According to Granma, it has been a very rainy season. Plus a fat gecko.

6 October 2017

First visit of the semester by the university of Alabama, go Roll tide! The residence admission committee met us at a hotel in Miramar. Thanks for the food, drinks and goodies!
Got to witness the remembrance of the 6th of October air strike attack on a Cuban plane flying over Barbados. Every year staff, faculty and students gather to throw roses out into the sea.

3 October 2017

School/dorm life.

16 September 2017

First outing after the hurricane
To anyone who thinks Cuba has no malls this is for you. Inside this three story building are adidas, food stands, clothing departments and public bathrooms. One can even call it capitalism.

3 September 2017

Ayee let the semester begins. Empieza el ejército de batas blancas.
USA makes friends with Uganda and shines un volleybal. Boys leave africans speechless after winning 3 ball games in a row

1 September 2017

Our first trip to Havana together

31 August 2017

Getting fresh in baracoa
First time in Havana. Off yo see ché and old Havana.

30 August 2017

Adventures un baracoa.
First trip to Baracoa.

29 August 2017

First week in school
First look at the school after quarentine.

26 August 2017

African and Mayan sitting together. Just a small example of the vast cultures that get to interact in ELAM.
We learn to read cards during our first day in quarentine. Catch us out in the quad to get yours read for 5 CUC.

25 August 2017

Waiting to get our blood drawn during quarentine. Still kinda shocked. Good news though, we have three days instead of five in quarentine.
The before and after. Note to self, do not check in any bags unless you want to wait 2 hours.